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Oprah -- $10,000 and iPads for Everyone!

0616_oprah_GETTY_101971466_TooFabSurprise, surprise -- It's good to work for Oprah.

Just yesterday, Oprah gave each and every person on her magazine staff a brand new iPad ... and a $10,000 check.

According to AdvertisingAge, Ms. Winfrey herself stopped by Hearst headquarters on Tuesday to commemorate the 10th anniversary of "O, The Oprah Magazine" -- and then surprised everyone in the office with the incredibly generous gifts.

In 2004, Oprah famously gave each member of her show's studio audience a car.

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Christina:  1648 days ago

How is it that you get a ipad from Oprah? Because i would really like to receive one

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Spencine:  1588 days ago

Miss O,

Please read....I heard (could be just a rumor) that you might just might be giving away ipads. So, Miss O, if you are please consider my daughter...She is currently going to school via internet and holding down a job and the best parent, ever , to the cutest 1 1/2 year old....Koko! Her husband, walked away when Koko was just 3 months old...she makes me so proud. She is strong, smart,and always trying something new to make a better kliving for herwself and her babygirl. An ipad (which we can not afford) would greatly help her on this single parent journey. I know everyone writes, calls and asks and I can understand if you can not...My daughter, Vanessa, is unaware that I am asking so, I will stop and say thank you now for all you do and make happen for all you have help.. Just praying that Vanessa, will be one of your selcts. She needs a real boost....Gratefully,seeking your assistance for a wonderful daughter who is working so hard to make her life and her daughter's better each day!

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SHUT UP:  1314 days ago

shut up and stop begging leeches!

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hate scroungers:  1314 days ago

spencine - do you honestly believe that miss O will give you a free ipad?! you are thick as **** if you think so. get a life, get a grip and GET A JOB TO PAY FOR ONE IF YOU WANT ONE!!! get it?

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keep dreaming:  1314 days ago

The funniest thing is that despite the fact that it looks like a sob story and the proverbial dog begging at the dinner table, Ms. O has a habit of eventually doing just what the people ask for! Maybe that's how she stays on everyone's good side (and so absurdly rich it makes my brain melt at the thought).
I have saved for my Apple products. I currently am living on a very limited income (under $1000/m), am a single mother to a toddler and I still manage to save enough. I've got an iMac and the iPhone 4. And I don't finance. I'm currently 1/3 on my way to the iPad 2. It's not so damned hard if you budget yourself and make sure you pay what NEEDS to be taken care of before what you want.

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B. Lynne:  1313 days ago

Heck yeah..I would love to work for you Oprah. I am on SSDI though and my back is a trainwreck. can I have the IPAD and the 10,000 anyway?I may be able to pay some of my medical bills and buy a subscription to O. B. Lynne

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Debra Milliken:  1312 days ago

You Go Oprah I love it you will be miss Thankyou

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Jeff:  1312 days ago

you are really an awesome person.I really wish I had more of your spirit and looking at things. God Bless you and I love your REALNESS.

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Beth in Lake Charles:  1311 days ago

Such fortunate people to be in the right place at the right time. If I were to make ONE wish, it'd be fore Gastric Bypass surgery please! My health insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, has an iron clad exclusion clause prohibiting it. My husband had the surgery and has lost 150 lbs. I need to lose 300 lbs. Please don't anyone make fun of me. Im diabetic and desperate. The answer is probably no but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask anyway. bigdraws . com

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