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'Deadliest Catch' Tribute for Captain Phil Harris

'Deadliest Catch Phil Harris"Deadliest Catch" star Phil Harris will receive a
special tribute by the Discovery Channel.

Starting with next week's episode, the late fisherman's death will get a spotlight on the show -- culminating in a tribute episode called "After the Catch" on July 13.

Discovery Channel President Clark Bunting said in a statement to EW, “Captain Phil was a father, fisherman, funny man and, most importantly for fans worldwide, a friend.  We celebrate his life and all those he has touched through Deadliest Catch."

Capt. Harris died on February 9 after suffering a stroke while offloading his fishing vessel in Alaska.

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Dolly :  1625 days ago

R.I.P Phill.. I will miss u on DEADLIEST CATCH

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Jim Booklund:  1624 days ago

How sad it is that the hardest working people among us have to pay the ultimate price the soonest...

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kat littlefield:  1624 days ago

the cap and his crew as well as the whole slew of people who fish for a living gave me new outlook on where and how my crab came to be in the store ,,,, their stories on the tv made me laugh and cry ,,,, they all have my prayers going with them... as for the captian... fair winds and calm seas to you forever .

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ian broadfoot:  1624 days ago


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Dave Meade:  1624 days ago

Long sail the Cornelia Marie and the spirit of Phil Harris. He wore his soul on his sleeve for the world to see. If he had only known the friends he created by just being Phil,and I'm proud to call myself one. RIP my friend. Was a pleasure watching the reality of your life,and a heart felt sorrow in your passing.

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Julie :  1624 days ago

RIP Phil. Heaven now has a shining star that will watch over all crab fishermen on every journey. When there's a storm in the skies we all know that you will grab with both hands and no fears to guide the fishermen home. God bless and sleep tight.

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Ann:  1624 days ago

To the Harris Family. I am the first born to an Alaskan salmon fisherman. I lived, ate and breathed gill nets and fish. When I found this lovely program featuring how very hard some of our Dads worked and lived to make that almighty dollar. Dad was so much like your Captain Phil with a little of Johnathan sprinkled in too. All loved him. I will miss Captain Phil so very much on the show in the future and will always remember him.My love to you all.

Is there any way to get a copy of the exact tribute to your Dad that was on Discovery Channel? I would give anything to have the DVD. 8-16-10 Ann

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Brandi:  1624 days ago

You will be missed Phill

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surveyedit:  1624 days ago

The world was finally offered a real, edited yet unscripted, show of Men of the world to be seen in a life of reality that Capt. Phil Harris proved to earn senior ranks. Thank you Capt. Phil Harris for allowing us aboard Miss C.Marie, taking us far above the lives so many lead. Sincerest luck to the Harris' who must constantly endeavor as always, to succeed. You will with what the Capt. left in You.

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christa keener :  1623 days ago

i watch deadliest catch all the time i was heart broken when i found out that phil past away god bless to his hole family and let them know i am thinking of them

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jim spence:  1621 days ago

ya no i was a fishermen at 1 time until i went 2 work for the chrysler jeep plant.we had it easy compared 2 what the crab fisher men did.i thank god it was easy cause i would not have been able 2 endur the bearing sea job.we fished the great lakes for perch,catfish,pickerel an all kinds of junk fish.but from what i seen on the tv show deadlyest catch it took a certian kind of man to do that work.i got 2 say good luck 2 all u bearing fishermen an my heart goes out 2 the harris family an all others who have sufferd from thier duties on the bearing sea!! god bless all

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Dawna Poley:  1551 days ago

It's just not the same watching the Deadliest Catch without Phil Harris. My daughter(10) and I love watching the show, and will continue, but will miss him everytime we see a commercial, or watch the program. To Jake and Josh our thoughts and prayers are with you all the time

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chris warnick:  1547 days ago

i will miss u phil u were one of my favorite captains you wore your heart on your sleeve im sure its difficult for josh n jake but glad they will be there for you thanks for the entertainment!

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david snell/elaine horgan:  1540 days ago

our hearts go out for josh and jake. captain phil harris will be missed by all R I P. we love watching the programme and phil was our favorite captain........

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tammy:  1523 days ago

i will miss phil he is a icon to me and i now alot more do too. he really was strict on the kids but thats what a father does. question what will happen to his BIRDHOUSES.

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