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Eddie Cibrian Axed From CSI: Miami

Eddie CibrianActor Eddie Cibrian received some grim news just one day after his birthday -- he's being cut from the hit CBS show "CSI: Miami."

Cibrian, who's made headlines recently for his alleged affair with singer LeAnn Rimes, had been with the show for about a year -- but EW says his contract was not picked up.

Original cast member Adam Rodriguez will be returning full-time this fall.

Comments (4)

Terry:  1683 days ago

WHY, WHY would they bring that “Slack-Jawed” Moron back?????

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kathie:  1679 days ago

GOOD! I quit watching CSI Miami when Cibrian joined the cast. Now I can start watching again. He was the odd man out from the get-go. You don't fix what ain't broken!!! Thank goodness the powers that be wised up and got Adam Rodriguez to come back full time! Looking forward to the new season.

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KATHYO:  1554 days ago

I think CSI Miami made a big mistake dropping Eddie. He has more personality and is a lot easier to look at than Adam. I liked the show very much with Eddie. I'm losing interest again. Adam always looks like he is bored beyond reasoning. Good luck to Eddie. Something much better will come along for you. :)

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Judy:  1551 days ago

I was really disappointed that he was cut from the show, CSI. I liked his character.

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