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Another 'Real Housewife' Tries to Sing

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Danielle Staub is following in the footsteps of Jo de la Rosa, Kim Zolciak and LuAnn de Lesseps -- and is now trying to make music.

After last night's episode, Staub debuted a song she's been working on with songwriter Lori Michaels called "Real Close."

Check out the vid -- then sound off below!

Comments (13)

Di:  1682 days ago

I thought it was actually very enjoyable and I would like to have a copy to listen to at home again. Much better than the Countess!

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CJ:  1682 days ago


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Cyndie:  1682 days ago

OK, passable, but only because she BREATHED the words, not SANG! And NO!!!! Don't quit your day job!!!

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Lucy:  1681 days ago

Give me a break. That "song" or talkie or breather or whatever - stunk.

Alot of Stauby junk to me.

I'm just not that into this Housewife. She complains, back stabs and lives in a lower world than I or my homies do.

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MelloeMead:  1681 days ago

I have always liked D. Staub.I think shes had a hellish life and has come through it like a survivor.Shes been given so much cr*p since joining that silly show.It's a whole family of Mafia Mobsters against one woman.What chance has she got.I will buy this when it becomes available to buy it.It's great.Well done Danni.

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WebWiseWoman:  1681 days ago

I'm not buying it. Sounds nothing like that Cruella doppleganger's speaking voice. I know, I know, I'm the one who has always wondered about Brits who don't have an accent when singing (Elton, Ozzy, etc.) but this has me flashing back to Milli Vanilli...

This 8itch is such a liar, anything is possible.

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HWFan:  1681 days ago

Are you kidding? It was TERRIBLE! What were the rest of you listening to? Unbelievable.

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Jennie:  1667 days ago

Surprisingly, she's the best yet!i

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berko:  1667 days ago

she ABSOLUTELY sucks, grrrr

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berko:  1667 days ago

she ABSOLUTELY sucks. grrrr

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robin:  1667 days ago

someone said: "I think shes had a hellish life and has come through it like a survivor"

oh please. SHE ( Beverly) chose the life she led, SHE married a man that SHE CHOSE to marry, SHE got in trouble with drugs and kidnapping and extortion etc etc so dont act like poor little "Danielle" had such a hard life. OH BOO HOO. i cant stand her. She's nasty and vile and vindictive.

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Mike:  1667 days ago

Do "survivors" (as one poster put it) make sex tapes and then sell them to Hustler?

This woman is a no talent, attention seeking, lying b*tch.

As for her against the "mafia", she knew who she was getting involved with, but got involved anyway for the money and perceived prestige.

I cancelled the tv channel that these "house-wh*re" are broadcast on. I just don't need to see the b*llsh*t anymore.

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nanab:  1661 days ago

NOT ONE PENNY would I contribute to ANYTHING that witch tries to sell. She is horrible, disgusting, and I'm tired of looking at her face that looks likes she's trying to suck the insides out of a grape........ or is it a grape?? She is just awful and I'm sorry for her children. Especially the older one. She really does look embarrassed by her mother if you watch her facial expressions.

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