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Gisele's Insane Post-Baby Bikini Bod

Prepare to hate Gisele Bundchen just a little bit ... because these photos of her were taken just two months after she popped out a baby!

The ads, done for Italian designer Calzedonia were released earlier this month -- but it was unclear whether they were shot before or after she gave birth. revealed when they were taken today. In a word: Wow.

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vheib:  1680 days ago

Any one can look like that if they starve themselves! LOL get real people! probably had surgery to fix "imperfections"

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kristin:  1680 days ago

lmao. I would not be surprised if she was pregnant when the photos were taken. As the last comment said,anybody can look like that if they starve themselves.

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Davinci:  1675 days ago

I dont think she starves herself to look that good. I think it has to be because she's from Brazil. I mean just look at the model field. the majority are from Brazil. I'm just saying haters.

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