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Jake & Vienna: Together Again for New Interview

0624_jake_pavelka_vienna_girardi_GETTY_102292965_TOOFABJake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi will be answering questions about their breakup on "The Bachelorette" -- and they'll be doing it together.

According to, "Bachelorette" host Chris Harrison will grill Jake and Vienna side-by-side on July 5.

Pavelka will also pop up on "Bachelor Pad" -- another "Bachelor" spin-off -- but it's unclear when that appearance was actually filmed.

The "Bachelorette" appearance will be their first interview together since their breakup earlier this month.

UPDATE: The show was taped today -- and according to Us Magazine, it was heated and Vienna stormed off the set "in tears."

Comments (12)

jerry:  1639 days ago


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chantelle:  1639 days ago

jake deserved to be treated better then how vienna treated him

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Eva :  1636 days ago

I thought Vienna was just out for the fame when the show was airing. This just goes to show that I saw it correctly. I said then that it would never last because she never really cared about him but just wanted what he could get for her - FAME. Now that she has it, she wants out!!

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sahra:  1628 days ago

i am glad that jake brk-up with vienna cause she doesn't deserve him. all she wanted was fame.

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cynthia:  1628 days ago

I don't think she was right for jake in the first place ! I think it should have been tennly or gia ! They were more right than here maybe he will get a second chance to find love!

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pammy 803:  1627 days ago

I watched the interview. I really believe Vienna . i think this man has control issues. She was telling the truth about him. I think he is really gay and actually is trying his waters with women. He has no respect for women that is very apparent. He is NOt a good actor cant fool me.

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Cynthia:  1627 days ago

For as much as I liked Jake on the bachelor, my views have changed. First, on Dancing with the Stars I thought he seemed a real jerk at times to his partner.

And based on the tv interview last night, Vienna is much more believable. She showed real emotion. Jake was hard, uncaring and at times almost indifferent. He kept talking about getting respect, but respect needs to be earned not demanded. I think that boy puts on some huge fake appearances. I could see a darker side to him.

For as much as people could not stand Vienna. I think she is pretty and smart. Good on her, doing the interview first. She was preped beautifully for that interview by someone.

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Karen:  1627 days ago

There is something not right about Jake. I do believe he is emotionally abusive. He demeaned her the entire time. He used the word "under minding me." over and over. She did not and that by the way is how controlling men start there abusive cycle. He has serious underlying problems. I am so glad you could actually see through him. He tried to make Vienna look bad and was extremely ****y about it. I am all for Vienna.I have always liked her from the get go. I believe she was telling the truth and that Jake would have gone to the press first if given that chance. She had been put down throughout the entire show if everyone remembers. I do not think she did anything wrong. She was trying to protect herself from further scandal and hurt. She did not get paid for the Bachelor show, and Jake took her to L.A. when she thought she would be living in Dallas. She had no way to take care of herself. Jake got paid the whole time,the show, the Dancing with the stars and who knows what else. So yes I think Vienna should have gotten some kind of payment for the crap she had to endure. Ali is very lucky she did not end up with Jake. To a certain degree, all of the Bachlor and Bachlorette people are out for thier 15 minutes of fame. Why else would they "want to find love " on tv infront of millions of people.

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Linne:  1627 days ago

They are both LOSERS! Throughout the Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars, he acted weird and he is so pompous. None of the other Bachelorettes liked Vienna so there's a message! At times I feel like this has all been a set-up so we would watch (and I did). Hollywood (and the TV audiences) seem to like Losers, so we have another two to add to the mix.

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jknnej:  1626 days ago

Jake came off as a bigger tool than Vienna. Much as I couldn't stand her on the show, I felt sorry for her. It's obviously his fault they broke up-does anyone actually believe he didn't want sex in a brand new relationship because of a religious fast? If you do, you probably also think "gullible" isn't in the dictionary. It just proves that he was never really into her in the first place.
Yes, she interrupted him a lot; however, his response shows what a temper he has-there was a bit of evil in there. He could have just said that they need to be interviewed separately so he could speak-instead he pretty much blew a fuse.
He's a bigger fame whore than she is. It is expected that most contestants on the show go on it for fame, but the bachelor himself not so much.
He has the personality of a gnat. When I watched the show I remember thinking he was sweet but very boring. It was even worse on Dancing with the Stars-he ranked right up there with Gosselin in terms of showing emotions. There's a reason his acting career never took off; he can't act. Don't quit your day job, Jake.

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Mildred:  1624 days ago

I truly believe Vienna, she was so angry about what Jake was saying he is a cold hearted ass. He has shown that he is an abusive man, she did not need to be in that kind of relationship. He showed that he is a controlling man, during that interview in the bachelor I truly believed that there was going to be some fisical confrontation...

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nancy:  1221 days ago

love jake pavelka he is not a jerk he's totally hot even i'll take him for myself as my boyfreind

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