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BET Awards: Chris Brown Cries, Prince Honored

The BET Awards were a celeb-packed affair last night in Los Angeles -- and this morning, Chris Brown's performance has everyone talking.

Midway through a Michael Jackson tribute, Brown broke down while singing "Man in the Mirror" -- check out the video over at TMZ.

During the ceremony, Prince was also honored with a Lifetime Achievement award, El Debarge returned to the stage, and trophies were handed out to Nicki Minaj for Best Female Hip-Hop artist, Drake for Best Male and Alicia Keys for Best Album.

Check out all the award show pics!

Comments (11)

MESHAUN:  1675 days ago

I think Chris Brown did a moving tribute to MJ, had me in tears. i know there are going to comment that he is a woman beater, etc. but how long you gonna hold it against him? stop acting like he is the only one in history to hit a woman. this young paid his dues, and suffered for his actions, and trying to take his best foot forward and make things right, but people wont let him. if MJ was here, he would want us to forgive one another, and to be honest, if we had more people like MJ, maybe this world would be a better place. and to nip in the bud all those people who choose to call MJ a pedophile (which he is not), yall need to get a life. do you honestly think that if all white jury thought he was guilty, they wouldve found him guilty? but they didnt. why? CAUSE HE WASNT GUILTY. yall go hard on poor mike for something that he got accused of and didnt do, but yall dont see a problem with R kelly peeing on little girls and taping it? i just dont get it.

R.I.P MJ and Chris, i hope you get your career back.

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Kinia:  1675 days ago

hhhhhmmmmm I watched his performance, and I wasn't convinced that he was crying because he missed MJ so much. I'm a life time fan of Michael's like so many others. So I understand why someone might feel extremely emotional but with so many other cir***stances surrounding Chris Brown, it's a little hard to believe that all of those tears were for the King of Pop, maybe....just maybe it was the perfect opportunity to market a softer, more caring side of Chris B. Guess what? It worked, so I'm not mad at him for doing whatever it takes to get back on top. Real or fake? I'm sticking with fake. At some point it became about Chris and not MJ. too too much though, not cool in my opinion.

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ashley:  1675 days ago

uh...they did find him guilty thats why he is on probation and cant come with in 500yrds. or whatever of rihanna. now i do agree with you chris brown killed it!!! even the parts that he did sing were on im not saying"aww he sang and thrusted his pelvis all is forgiven" what he did was wrong.very.but it shouldnt be the reason he cant keep moving forward.we can make a laundry ist of actors sings dancers ect. who have done the same and even worse things but we forgave them. Give the boy a chance.

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stacey:  1675 days ago

give the kid a break he know he did wrong

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Michelle:  1674 days ago

I think Chris Brown rocked, he did the best tribute to Michael Jackson that I've seen thus far. Obviously he is a Michael Jackson fan and it is an honor that Michael's Family and BET allowed Chris to perform the tri ute in the first place. Chris has not been "accepted" up until the BET performance. I think he was emotional, he danced his heart out! He also mightv'e been reflecting while he was singing Man in the Mirror- making a change starting with himself. I accepted his apology then and there. Anyone deserves forgiveness if they say that they are sorry. Chris you are forgiven! What a wonderful tribute to the King of Pop!

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lil mama:  1674 days ago

alright now its pretty dam old that he hit that dam girl. life gos on she has moved on with her life its time people do the same.ther are new issuse at hand in the world to deal with.he did a dam good job dancing and singing to MJ.

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erynn:  1674 days ago

Listen,i know what Chris Brown did was wrong.But that was a long time ago..just forgive him.people who don't forgive him still.. you guys have envy..hatred..and if micheal was here right now...he would want you 2 forgive sure what chris did.he knows that he did dont have point out like a milloin times...geesh give him a break.cuz im a true fan of chris and i support him at all time..he did a great mj

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amber74:  1670 days ago

i think the media, and the public are idiots. It's proof that rhianna and chris brown had a very destructive relationship, they were both mentally, and physically volatile with each other. to put it all on him is not good. i'm not saying that a woman deserves to be hit. i'm saying that there are always 2 sides to the story, and enough is enough. i know that she had affairs and tormented him. i feel bad for him.

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jalissa:  1669 days ago

i think chris did his thing... but wat was da real reason he cried...4 mj or his career

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courtney:  1668 days ago

OMFG just leave him alone im sooooo sick of hearing chris this and rihanna that let it go and i have to give chris his respect he just killed that trubite and i think that in some way michael touched him from above cuz the hole dancing thing he was fine but the the song came on he just lost it well.............anyway i loved it and if u dont mind me sayin lmao chris is $3xy when he cry but on the real give the dude another chance but there is goin to b haters always and 4ever but thats all they r good 4 goooo keep hatin and mj and cb fan do want u do cuz they do it 4 u

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PrettyGirl:  1505 days ago

Chris brown defiantly went and put his heart on the stage ! for everyone FYI chris brown really loved MJ ! he didnt do that to be forgiven from everyone. He did it for his love for MJ ! to him thats likee his dad dying. ( Knock on wood) but yeah chris brown was young and he let his mind take over his body ! so everyone need not to judge because if it was you in the situation you would have been writing to protect yourself to. I love chris brown and im a fan. Its just sad how everyone are so judgemental towards others . likee damn givee him a break, already.

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