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Miley's Ex Gets Naked for PETA

The cast of "If I Can Dream" are the latest to strip for PETA's "Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign -- including Miley Cyrus' ex-boyfriend, Justin Gaston.

Gaston was joined by co-stars Ben Elliott and Giglianne Braga for the shoot -- and the photos just dropped online today.

Past PETA models include Khloe Kardashian, "Twilight" star Christian Serratos and Eva Mendes.

Comments (9)

Mascot:  1634 days ago

What if it were 40 below zero and the only thing they could possibly wear is fur? Would they wear it then? Or would they rather freeze to death? Especially models!!!

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wow:  1634 days ago

the girl is probably the ugliest model i've ever seen! LOL

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ssdddss:  1634 days ago

ima agree with you number 2 she looks old.. ... .the one to the far left looks animated and miley's ex.. ... . .. ... .enough said...

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failte:  1634 days ago

So....which one is Gaston??? Is this a "guessing" game?

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Shannon:  1621 days ago

So these people do this campaign about not wearing fur, are they saying they don't own anything leather either, boots or purses?

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Marisa:  1621 days ago

wearing fur and wearing leather are two different things. the animals who's fur is used to make fur clothes are killed only for that specific reason and are not exactly treated in a good way, but leather comes from cows which are killed not only for that particular reason, but their meat is used as well, so nothing is wasted. i just think wearing fur is stupid because those cute animals are killed only for the sake of fashion.

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spherical cow:  1620 days ago

#6- So cows are not cute? So cows deserve it?

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joej:  1608 days ago

i want to **** miley bad

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bigdave5472:  1503 days ago

I think the reason the girl is ugly is that she had her lips deformed by some surgeon.

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