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Jwoww's Fashion Photos -- Woww Indeed!

Move over haute couture, "Jersey Shore" star Jenni "Jwoww" Farley wants to show you her Filthy Couture.

Featuring some barely-there dresses and lovely lace, Jwoww let her fashion line "Filthy Couture" loose on the Palms Hotel and Casino over the weekend!

Check out her daring designs, then let us know ...

Comments (5)

jo:  1658 days ago

Where do they sell this stuff - Hookers R US?

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DENISE:  1657 days ago

I think these are adorable!If I were 20 again I would wear them!

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jades:  1646 days ago

Ummm No. Strait out it looks trashy. Like if a cheaper lamer imitation of fredericks of hollywood brand. But more trampish, slutish, no taste its just nasty. Not even for a 21 year old it looks really slutty period.

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linusik:  1632 days ago

i don't know .. i kinda like some of the outfits. ^_^

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cindy:  1516 days ago

u are ugly

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