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Lindsay Lohan Is Going to Jail!

Lindsay Lohan's probation violation hearing just ended -- and the judge sentenced her to 90 days in jail, followed by a 90-day inpatient rehab program.

Lindsay violated probation by failing to attend her alcohol ed classes based on the schedule set by the judge.

Check the recap of everything that led up to this point below, then let us know ...

Comments (5)

Richard :  1670 days ago

The judge is an idiot! What good will it do LiLo to go to jail? She should have extended her bracelet, made her clean up the freeways, attend programs and the like... isn't the point to get her to change her life? Time in jail won't do it! Just cost the taxpayers money. House arrest and daily classes, clean up crew and therapy... that would do more for LILo than a jail... where she can get drugs! Hello! Did this judge get her sheepskin out of a cereal box?!!!

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Pongo:  1670 days ago

It's a relief, really. At least she will be protected from herself and her crazy family for the next 6 months. I really hope she straightens out, but suspect major therapy for years--out of the limelight--is the only hope for her, and she is too attached to fame to give it up. Too bad her parents can't be sentenced to jail time for messing her up so bad.

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lawyersinlove:  1669 days ago

Agree with Mighty Mad. Richard, you're a moron. Going to jail isn't about what GOOD it will do you, how it can HELP you. It's punishment. Get it? That's why it's jail. It ain't free county therapy for all your frigged up problems and all the mayhem you're creating because Daddy didn't love you and Mommy is a whacko. It's punishment!!! For a crime!!! That's jail..that's why they call it jail. No brainer.

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elynndiver:  1669 days ago

This judge did the right thing. Not sure what the parameters are for sentencing of a two-time violator, but to let her go on as she is, flying in the face of the court, would not be right. It has to stop. Six months in a treatment center would have sufficed, but some jail time is fair, too...everybody else gets it. Lindsay would benefit from leaving the scene altogether for awhile, doing something else--it will save her life in the end.

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lchaisson:  1669 days ago

seriously who really cares .....i quess only the people that don t have life s..

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