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Celine Dion -- Pregnant with Twin Boys

Celine Dion -- PregnantCeline Dion is pregnant with twins -- and if she didn't already have her hands full ... they're both boys.

The 42-year-old singer and her husband René Angelil made the official announcement today on Celine's website.

The statement reads, "Céline first announced the upcoming new additions to the Angelil-Dion family back in May, and now she just revealed that she is expecting twin boys."

Celine's pregnancy is the result of six in-vitro fertilization attempts earlier this year.

Her new twins will join her 9-year-old son René-Charles.

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Davinci:  1668 days ago


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Mrs. Fiena Dykstra:  1562 days ago

Children are the amazing gift that God gives to us all. It is just so sad that there are many Canadians who choose willingly to cast away these gifts by abortion, rather than the remarkable wish of Celine and her husband Rene Angelil to have children. On the one hand the government of Canada pays for the "rights" of those wanting abortion--killing of babies, while others desperately wanting to bring life into this world by way of invitro cannot get the funding for the process necessary -- for what is a good and healthy desire over against a desire that is unhealthy. The blood of these aborted babies cries out to God, and this Country will be Judged by a Good and Gracious God who so clearly directs us all with, "Thou shalt not kill." I for one do not one cent of my tax dollar to pay for and fund abortion, nor do I want one cent of my medical dollar to fund research that uses stem cells from an aborted fetus. Celine and Rene I wish you God's Blessings! Praise God from whom all Blessings Flow!

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Mayer Helene:  1560 days ago

Félicitations à maman Céline, deux beaux petits trésors vont rejoindre la famille dans quelques jours, je vous souhaite que du bonheur à toute la famille, et de la santé pour tous..d'une amie-mamie québécoise!

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kmdyson:  1557 days ago

To Fiena Dykstra...really! you are talking about two completely different things...Ms Dion is TRYING to conceive...most women who have abortions are trying NOT to conceive. The right of a woman to choose to have an abortion and have it funded under our universal medical system is a good thing...and by the way...babies are not made by imaginary beings...last I heard it was called sexual intercourse...egg...sperm....I'm sure you've heard of it...

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kelly charles:  1556 days ago

Hi Celine congrats on the birth of your boys. I hope at least one of your boys take after u and sing i LOVE your voice.I will say a pray for them for them to be strong healthy babies.
Your fan

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Lillian P.:  1554 days ago

Congrats Celine,
I was so happy to hear the good news, you have a beutiful voice. I am also a singer, but have not had the opportunities to work with the right people yet. Although, through God, all things are possible. I wish you health and happiness, twins are a handful, I should know, I also have twins. Thier great!! Lillian P.

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crystal:  1539 days ago

May god bless you in your family. Your are a wonderful person and I wish you nothing but, Happiness with your new edition to the family.

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Leiko:  1520 days ago

Congratulations and best wishes on the arrival of your twin boys! May God bless your whole family with a joyous life together! Looking forward to your return to Vegas in march 2011. I saw your show and you were fantastic! Will definitely see your show again.

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MARSHA CALFIN:  1507 days ago


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