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Lady Gaga Sings New Song on 'Today'

Wearing a white bra and some crazy ridiculous sunglasses (naturally), Lady Gaga sang a brand new song this morning on "Today."


Gaga says the song, "You and I," is "written about the most important person that I've ever met" -- but wouldn't say exactly who. The song starts around the 2:30 mark.

Gaga is releasing a remix album of her hits next month -- it's unclear if this song will also appear on the record.

Question is ...

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SallyChi:  1665 days ago

She doesn't need all the get-up if she's any good.

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moe:  1665 days ago

She is RIDICULUOS!!!! She tries too talk like Madonna...fake accent...come on she is from NJ!
She tries tooooo hard to wear stupid ass outfits and glasses like Elton john....BORING! Her music is CRAP!

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.:Loki4Ever:.:  1665 days ago

She is AWFUL! Please don't turn into a PEREZ site and start talking about Lady GaGa 24.7 She is OVERRATED and a FAMEWHORE. She steals EVERYONE elses ideas, and tries to come off as "Original" BONG, NOT GONNA HAPPEN

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JB:  1665 days ago

The story here is that she left the show prematurely after performing her last song during the commercial. The hosts clearly thought she would be doing one more complete song after the commercial, but she bolted. She appears to have been peeved either by the rain or the tepid audience reaction.

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TORI4HEATHER:  1665 days ago


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Blue:  1665 days ago

I'm not a huge fan of hers but I saw her perform this on Wednesday night... I was really impressed with her voice

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Laura:  1665 days ago

I am a 46 year old midwestern married mother of 3 and grandmother of 1, and I honest to God believe that Lady Gaga is the MOST AMAZING performer everrrrrrrrrr!! I LOVE you Gaga; keep on keeping on!

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Julianna.:  1665 days ago




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carolina:  1664 days ago

This spring at the Rainforest Benefit, Sir Elton introduced the Lady as the "Real Deal". After watching her incredible performance at Carnegie Hall, I'm convinced that she's the next major musical icon!

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MDinDC:  1663 days ago

25 years and my life is still
trying to get up that great big hill
of hope

It's Elton John doing Linda Perry. Oh well.

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