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Old Spice Dude Wants to Marry Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan and the Old Spice dude are a match made in Twitter heaven!

The now famous, thankfully shirtless and always funny guy from the Old Spice abs ads has been sending hilarious YouTube videos to fans via Twitter -- and this one sent to the "Grindhouse" star is just awesome.

She's not his only fan though -- Demi Moore and Christina Applegate have gotten their own vids as well ... and Alyssa Milano even got sent flowers!

Frankly, we're a little jealous.

Comments (3)

Zambonie:  1658 days ago

and another black guy gets famous and heads straight for the white chicks
Wonder how black women feel about it

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bebefj123:  1657 days ago

He's cute. Would like to see pic of his daughter and girlfriend. We will see more of him now that he is working with Tyler Perry.

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get it right:  1656 days ago

To Zambonie (#1). I'm a black woman and I can careless. The average black women do not have issues with that. The something a media encourage. Black men are attracted to beautiful women whether they are black, white, asian or hispanic just like anyother man. Maybe it's not that fact that black men get famous and heads straight for which chicks, could it be that white women seek them out now that the are rich and famous...hmmm! Have anyone thought about that.

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