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Enrique Iglesias Locks Lips with Fan on TV

One lucky Enrique Iglesias fan got to do something most only dream about this morning on "Today" -- kiss the sexy singer on the lips on national TV ... live!

While singing "Hero" in the Plaza, Anna Kournikova's longtime BF picked one girl from the audience to come on stage, where he serenaded her and followed it up with a smooch.

After the performance, the girl said the liplock had her thinking "dirty thoughts." We don't blame her.

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Clarissa:  1659 days ago

Nah...... he has always done that. Ive seen him do that before, bringing a fan on stage and giving them a kiss... Im not a fan but i thinks its cool for his fans to have that experience.

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Michelle:  1559 days ago

I dont think she's the luckiest girl. Enrique brings many girls on stage and plants one on them. And i'd have to say that I dont think I would want to lock lips with him after all the girls he's kissed or more. Great music....too much for me though. Sexy man? Yes, indeed! Too much of a lady's man...for sure!! =) No thanks!

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