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Kardashian Swimsuit Line -- Would You Wear?

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian rocked the runway this weekend in Miami ... by debuting their new swimsuit line at Fashion Week!

The girls watched from the front row for the Kardashians for Beach Bunny Swimwear show on Friday as a collection of steamy bikinis, one-pieces and beachwear crossed the catwalk.

Check out all the pics, then us know ...

Comments (21)

Diane:  1653 days ago

This isn't a swimsuit show, these pieces are lingerie! I mean, why are some of these models wearing thigh-high pantyhose? These suits wouldn't even cover Kim, Khloe or Kourtney!!! Totally ridiculous.

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Erin:  1653 days ago

So apparently when these girls hear the word "swimwear" their minds quickly turn to "underwear." & I second that first comment- what is UP with the models wearing pantyhose with their "swimwear"!? lol

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Ladytee:  1653 days ago

The models are so skinny makes the swim suits look ugly. If I have to be that skinny to wear it I don't want it. Them girls need some counseling, their bones are showing. That is not sexy!

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Ralph:  1653 days ago

Ironic, not one peice of that line is for She-man (Kohloe), Thunder ass Kim and Stumpy Court. But they continue say they're figure are perfect. Two are fat and Court is pretty. Design clothes for you shapes....

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Megan:  1653 days ago

wow.. you commenters are CLEARLY jealous.. you say the models are too skinny (which they are) & then say kim & khloe are fat? is there only ONE perfect weight that is acceptable?! & take a reality check.. this is a SWIM SUIT SHOW. they would not actually go to the beach with panty hose on.. it makes the outfits interesting.. such ignorance. & khloe is not a she-man. she is a tall woman who wears heels.. she is always seen next to her sisters who are short you dumb ass.... all three are a lot prettier than average & the jealousy is what leads you to leave these comments.. go ahead & stalk their other sites too.. HAHA

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A.J.A:  1653 days ago

Would you wear the line? no zhas A.J.A nice thoe zhie

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Kifferslady:  1653 days ago

Well I do agree that none of these swimsuits would ever fit their designers.The one piece suits look silly to me. But to say any of these women are fat is outlandish and catty to say the least. Khloe is a very tall woman. She's 5'9". That's 6 inches taller than Kim and nearly 8" taller than Kourtney. She likes to wear heels like any other woman. Therefore when standing next to her sisters she does look bigger. But c'mon, she is NO she-man. So just stop all these nasty unnecessary comments.

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sky:  1652 days ago

These women just don't look attractive in these outfits. Bones don't sell clothes. I have a very slender build but do what I can do keep my hips and ribs from popping an eye out. These suits might be cute on a regular body, but really, they're just bikinis. No big deal.

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B Fish:  1651 days ago

Yeah right let me see any of those three FIT into any one of those suits

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A.J.A:  1651 days ago

pic 24 looks nice,,$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ the demo's tracks 2007 in chicago,,

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GIA SCARFO:  1651 days ago


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liz:  1651 days ago

You people are so judgemental! Does it matter if you think they look too skinny or the outfits are a little provocative? The important thing to remember here is that these women are out there doing something that the majority of us women wouldn't dare to! I personally think that most them look amazing and i would certainly show mine off if i looked like that. Well done girls!

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A.J.A:  1650 days ago


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josh:  1650 days ago

i wouldnt kick any of them out of bed.

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Margie :  1648 days ago

The swimsuits look like swimsuits! The comment made above where it was stated that, "the pantyhose make the designs look more interesting," is very true. This is fashion ! If you have ever seen a fashion show, on TV or otherwise you would know that designers try and come up with the most outlandish things to make people talk, which is what they clearly wanted to achieve and did! Furthermore when did did swim suits become much more than undergarments made from a material that suits the water. From what i know swim suits have always resembled lingerie, at least in concept ( a top to cover your boobs and a bottom to cover your punani and bum )

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