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Do Something Awards: Megan Fox, Glee & More

Megan Fox made her first public appearance since her wedding last night -- where she introduced a nominee at the 2010 Do Something Awards.

Fox was only one of many huge stars who were at the show, which honored celebs and young people for activism and charity work. Jane Lynch hosted the show -- and "Glee" also won for TV Show.

Other winners included Kellan Lutz, Kathy Griffin, Christina Applegate, Alyssa Milano, Snoop Dogg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joe Jonas and grand prize winner Jessica Pozner -- a 23-year-old who took home $100,000 to put towards a school for girls she founded in Nairobi.

For more on how you can help in your own community, check out

Comments (2)

Jamie:  1650 days ago

Yet another me "The celebrity" award show. Wow... really. Why are celebrities always given trophies and honored for doing good, which is usually fund raises and appearances. Why don't they honor regular people, who are not related to them, who's been doing it their entire lives and is more active? Always celebrities. And megan fox looks terrible in this pic.

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sky:  1650 days ago

Megan Fox = huge star? That's funny. The beauty of her taking herself out of the next Transformers is that the next director is going to look at her ACTING. Jonah Hex? Who? I'm so glad she's on the way out. Sluttiness only gets you so far.

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