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"Gossip Girl" Star's New Vid -- Too Racy?

Spotted: 16-year-old Little J writing all over a dinner table for a bunch of dudes wearing one of her signature, next-to-nothing get-ups.


"Gossip Girl" star Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless just released a music video for their song "Miss Nothing" today -- and, like Miley Cyrus' stage outfits, it's already catching flack for being too racy.

Check out the video and judge for yourself.

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Merc:  1650 days ago

No it's not to racy because she is no where near hot/sexy enough to make it so and pull it off.
Being a skank doesn't make you sexy, just ask Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, and like them this chick is a skank.

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squeakermama:  1650 days ago

Racy? Nah. Repetitive? Yes.

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Murf:  1650 days ago

Was this a JOKE or was it for real because it was JUST AWFUL. Talk about being talentLESS.

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Tim:  1650 days ago

How about dumb!

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Waves:  1650 days ago

Worst music video ever. Crawling under the table?! Really??

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you know it:  1650 days ago

It's not all that good because all your watching is an over made up bleach blonde writhing all over the place. The camera is 90% on her and she's just not that interesting. If she is trying to simulate the Last Supper and she is taking the place of Jesus then she is being blasphemous and that should get the Catholics in an uproar. Controversy sells I guess. Terrible.

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manolo:  1650 days ago

does it suck, yes. inappropriate? nah. but it blows.

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nefermerymau:  1650 days ago

First, somebody needs to tell the bimbo she can't sing so to quit embarrassing herself. Next, rooting around like a sow in mud does not make for sexy. In adition, she needs to actually have a sexy body rather than an anorexic "boy-body" if she wants to be sexy. Pathetic how clueless she is.

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Chris:  1650 days ago

What's so racy about that? Who cares. Let her do what she wants. It isn't like she's in a video amoking crack or something. Geez.

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SilentStar:  1650 days ago

The clothing is a bit racy, but her performance isn't. It's just really contrived and awkward. You'd think an "actress" could pull off more than one facial expression and better movement.

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Nameless:  1650 days ago

Inappropriate? No... Stupid? Yes...

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yooooooooooo:  1649 days ago

no this is not racy at all, its just sooo boring... its the same thing over and over and over... did i mention and over??

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brutally yours:  1638 days ago

I don't know about in being inappropriate because it is expectant of her. We all know she is such a "rebel." It's easy to forget that she is only sixteen, she looks a lot older. The video is just...pathetic. She is so in love with herself. But she is just a huge courtney love wannabe (when she was in hole).

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alexis:  1552 days ago

where are taylor's parents in all this? why are parents suddenly so willing to allow their children to be portrayed in such a vulgar manner in return for fame and money? it's sick! i agree that at some point, taylor's image should be taylor's responsibility, but until she's a legal adult, her parents need to behave like parents& put their proverbial foot down. she might protest at first, but her parents need to stop being selfish &start to truly consider their daughter's best interest. afterall, fame is almost always temporary, but the effects of poor decisions can be permanently devastating.

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Cynthia Peterson:  1548 days ago

My daughter is the same age, and if she ever pulled something like this I would kill her, resurrect her and kill her again. No way should she have been able to do this, not with two responsible parents looking out for her best interests. Yeah, let's kill them too!

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