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'Pirates 4' First Look -- Penelope Cruz on Set!

Johnny Depp promised "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" would be packed with the "vicious and vivacious" Penelope Cruz -- and today, we got a first look at what he was talkin' about.

A Twitter spy spotted the newly married Penny on set with Captain Jack Sparrow in Hawaii today, where they're filming the fourth flick.

Along with Cruz, the movie will also have "zombies, cutthroats, mermaids" and Captain Barbossa -- who was caught filming earlier this month.

The film opens May 20, 2011.

Comments (7)

Alexis:  1649 days ago


SHE'S in it??

Forget it. I don't even want to see it now. I can't stand her. She is a s*** "actress".

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UGH!!!!:  1643 days ago

I AGREE!!!! I can't stand her!!! Her annoying voice is enough to make me want to walk out of a movie. I am SOOOO P!ssed they were stupid enough to put her in something like this, many don't like her. Orlando & Keira were ungrateful & wrong to turn down something that has become such a huge hit. Many actors would give anything just to be noticed, to get anything & they could not hold out until it ended??? I'm so mad this women is in the new Pirates & hope I can sit through it without screaming SHUT UP you annoying woman!! In case nobody knows what I'm talking about, watch Vanilla Sky, that will be a lesson on how annoying this woman;s voice & acting is. Why!!! WHY did they choose her for Pirates why???!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

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MadeleineT:  1642 days ago

I think Penelope Cruz is a perfect choice sinc eKiera refused ot come back, Penny won an academy award so I dont' think she is that bad of an actress. Vanilla sky was a decent movie, she was supposed ot be annoying in that movie, she was insane. Penelope has been in a lot of very good movies this past few years and won the oscar for Viki christina Barcelona , he r voice was not annoying in that movie either, she certainly doesn't need to do this movie but she was gracious enough to take Kieras place when they asked her to, who would you suggest, Kim Kardashian? Johnny Depp knows what he is doing, she has a huge fan base and she is a fine actress or he would not have allowed her to be in his movie.

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GEORGIA :  1556 days ago


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Alex:  1535 days ago

I love all the Pirates of the Carribean movies, it is sad and in my opinion not fair that Orlando Bloom and Kiera can't see fun and excitment the films tend to create. However there is a few that do and I'm glad to especially see one and only Jack Sparrowe into the movies. As for the new actors like
Penelope Cruz I'm not going to judge. You never know maybe this is the type of character she can play well. Like in my mind Johnny Depp was ment for his role as Jack Sparrowe. Though I like to see the original actors, at least the entire film still seems like it's got it's originality. So I'll see it out in theaters and see what how they all play out to be. I have no doubt for it's ability to make me laugh as all ways.

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Robin S. :  1483 days ago

Johnny Depp is a brilliant, versatile actor. And from my point of view, I could care less if he just stood in front of the camera for 2 hours chatting. I adore him...

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Tamera Carmack:  1466 days ago

I cannot wait to see #4!!!! I have been waiting for such a long time and I am upset that Orlando and Keira are not in it and a little disappointed about Penelope...but, it is worth it to see Mr. Depp in this character once again! :)

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