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Spoiler Alert: 'Fast & Furious 5' Set Pics!

Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster shared a sultry on-set smooth while filming "Fast and Furious 5" in Puerto Rico yesterday -- and check out the pics closely, looks like someone's pregnant!

The latest entry in the high-octane series will be the 4th "Furious" flick for Paul and the 3rd for Jordana.

Vin Diesel, Ludacris, Tyrese and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson also co-star.

The movie is aiming for a June 2011 release.

Comments (2)

jackie:  1547 days ago

I think that they should bring back letty.They can just say she didn't really die they just had to keep her hidden or something.And I love that she is pregnate

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LOL:  1547 days ago

i too think they should bring back letty but alas i think she might well be dead and thats just sad. i probally wont go see the movie, just wait for the dvd and rent it cause the first and the 4th were the best, whilst i cant pass comment on this one yet, im not sure..but whatever.

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