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Chelsea & Alicia -- Very Vera Weddings

Both Chelsea Clinton and Alicia Keys tied the knot this weekend -- and they both did it in Vera Wang.

Chelsea wed Marc Mezvinsky in Rhineback, NY on Saturday in a strapless, silk organza gown with a silk tulle bodice.

Keys went Grecian for her Mediterranean nuptials to Swizz Beatz -- and rocked an ivory, one shoulder number that showed off her pregnancy curves.

Congratulations to both beautiful brides.

Comments (5)

sara:  1639 days ago

lovely dress, but chelsea's makeup artist needs to go back to painting circus clowns

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chicaa:  1638 days ago

alicia is a beautifull woman to marry such a ugly dude ... i hope the baby come looking good thnx to alicia

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melzina:  1636 days ago

God Bless you you are a beatiful Bride And Groom

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Kes:  1633 days ago

I like how we are celebrating Alicia and Swizz after she was srewing him while he was married. I'm so disgusted by the whole thing but wer do what we always do with people..turn our heads and act like nothing happened...smh

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ChiMami:  1632 days ago

I say leave Alicia and Swiss alone!!! No one knows anything that goes on in these celebrities lives except what is TOLD to us. Be it by TMZ,, or any other source of entertainment news. We only know what we hear! I LIKE HOW EVERYBODY IS DOGGING ALICIA AND NOT ONE OF YOU KNOW HER PERSONALLY!!!! I am sure she is a very beautiful person, as she always seems to be, regardless of her "situation". Let it go people!

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