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Lady Gaga -- Bare for Vanity Fair

Lady Gaga bared more than her soul for the new issue of Vanity Fair.

Rocking some gray hair and not much else, the "Telephone" singer showed off her fit bod while opening up to the magazine about hitting "rock bottom."

In the August issue, she tells VF she has used drugs in the past and "it led to disaster," adding "I do not want my fans to ever emulate that or be that way."

Check out the full issue when it hits newsstands Wednesday in NY and L.A, and nation wide August 10.

Comments (8)

jackmama311:  1643 days ago

yummy. i'm smitten.

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Jami:  1643 days ago

My husband thinks she's hot. She's pretty, but I don't think she's "hot."

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Jan:  1643 days ago

Shes crazy!

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waka:  1642 days ago

She is interesting. No one is like her. I enjoy her performance and her unique outfit.

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Juds:  1642 days ago

they made her nose straight. why?

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Woot:  1642 days ago

AIRBRUSHED. Which is totally standard these days, but surely doesn't display any true representation of the individual.

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teebag:  1642 days ago

Surely they could have used a better wig for the shoot. Come on. It looks like a cheap Halloween wig just plopped on her head. Really?!

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johnny guffey:  1638 days ago

i used to date her shes not that great and my story will be heard

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