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Katy Perry's Sexy Rolling Stone Shoot

It was Daisy Dukes, bikinis on top for Katy Perry as the California gurl posed for a steamy photo shoot for Rolling Stone.

Katy Perry Rolling Stone Photo Shoot
The pics -- which feature Katy in swimwear, underwear, and in one shot, just fishnets -- all appear in the magazine's next issue, on newsstands tomorrow.

In the accompanying article, Katy opens up about fiance Russell Brand, Miley Cyrus and calling Lady Gaga "blasphemous."

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Comments (30)

KIMI :  1642 days ago

i luv katy nd all but not really wat she should go 4 i mean look at thar booooooobies wow


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Jarett Lewis:  1562 days ago

WOW I hate the song and that is still sexy

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dennis:  1557 days ago

tell to put somepants own its gods will

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dave:  1523 days ago

nice look on her face,,says a me anyways

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Mike:  1522 days ago

Katy Perry is a rare talent and a rare beauty, classy, wih her own sexy style. We haven't seen the like since Marilyn, She's all by herself... miles ahead of everyone/anyone...

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joe flores:  1518 days ago

she,s HOT! enough said !!

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PrinceC:  1501 days ago

She is a stupid dyke... Nothing hot about her, no class at all. Dumb as rocks too! Can't wait till she "expires"! I'll make a good note not to buy that mag ever!

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Emma:  1499 days ago

I love Katy Perry and honestly, i think she is doing what it takes to make it in this world in the music business so no one should judge her. There have been worse things on the internet than a woman wearing fishnets...hop off...

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katelyn:  1494 days ago

katy perry what *** are u doing are u stupid your my favorite artis but what the heck

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keilah:  1494 days ago

i dont like any of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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ashley:  1494 days ago

katy perry is my favorite person i love her songs but what the heck are u doing

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Elizabeth:  1494 days ago

hoooooooeeeeeeee !

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Hotmatt:  1491 days ago

Katy Perry is ugly and cant sing.This photo is a pure waste of time.

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dakira:  1490 days ago

wwwwwowwww that is gay

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Bud:  1489 days ago

what does it matter? its her life..atleast she has a little taste. it could b some "wardrobe malfunction" that ends up on one of those porn sites or shown on Utube..lighten up people..she is still rather young

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