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Jessica Photoshopped in Lucky Mag? Vote Now!

Jessica Simpson's cover shots from next month's Lucky Magazine hit the Internet this morning -- and some people are crying "Photoshop!"over the final results.

Jessica Simpson Photoshop
Though she tells the mag that having the perfect "Barbie" body is "not always what's beautiful. It's about making peace with yourself," skeptics are saying she was digitally slimmed down after the shoot.

Check out the pics from Lucky (left, right) and a photo of Jess at an event last month (center).

Question is ...

Comments (4)

Whaat?:  1634 days ago

This is almost as good as the time Ashlee Simpson gave an interview about loving your looks, and then got a nose job like the next week.

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J Simp:  1634 days ago

I am a big fan of Jessica, but that does look shopped. Jessica is pretty the way she is no photoshopping need. Although that probably isn't her call.

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Diana:  1634 days ago

everyone who voted yes is a hater, look at face if they were gonna photo shop her her cheaks wud be less chubby, but over all she looks fabulous so stop hatin, u wish u had her body!!!!!!!!!!!

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meetwo:  1634 days ago

And her face- she is unrecognizable. So she's carrying around a few lbs- so what?

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