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'Love the Way You Lie' Video Drops Online

Eminem and Rihanna's new music video for "Love the Way You Lie" premiered online last night -- and it's definitely a powerful piece.

Love the Way You Lie Official Music Video
The video explores domestic violence, showing an extremely volatile relationship between "Lost" star Dominic Monaghan and Megan Fox -- who donated her fee for appearing in the vid to a network of womens' shelters.

Check out the video above -- sound off below.

Comments (8)

Leesa:  1634 days ago

Let me just be the first to say that Em is by far one of the most talented performers... You can actually feel his pain in his lyrics.. I've been a fan since he first stepped on the scene years and years ago and i've always followed his music.. it's like watching his life.. this is a very powerful rap.. good for him for a great comback.

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MK:  1634 days ago

I'm not a fan of Eminem but he has created some awesome music that shows the minds of real people in real situations. The minds of abusive people and victims are scary. Their thoughts on why the hurt others and why they take the pain don't make sense but it is reality. This song is reality. The message is pain on both ends. Both people need help. Both people are suffering. He does an incredible job of telling the story people with their nose in the are don't want to hear.

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Shandroid:  1634 days ago

Eminem is SOOOO much better than other rappers, especially the godawful Jay-Z (his raps actually CLASH with the music, yuck!). I am so happy for Em getting his life together. He has proven that you don't have to be a druggie criminal in order to make good music. This song and the video is outstanding.

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keri:  1634 days ago

Wow, intense!
I love the way this video shows both sides being equally abusive...intense...and Em and Rihanna, the passion is in their voices!! Hopefully Rihanna has learnt from her past, and continues to stand up for herself..... Excellent video and song, pointing to an all too common shadowy secret of many relationships....

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Rachel:  1634 days ago

Hmmm. Not the public message I thought this video was going to have. I thought they would have stayed with a more mainstream relationship, to possibly mirror something more familiar to the average American teen or twenty-something, rather than highlight a sadomasochistic relationship between two thieves/alcoholics. It almost glamorizes the abuse, rather than showing it as the ugly crime that it is. Love the performers, but I'm a little disappointed in the storyboard. Maybe an opportunity missed? Or maybe I didn't get something.

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Cindy:  1634 days ago

Rachel, hello...Have you not seen the statistics of teen dating/violence!?!Come on now. I don't know what video or lyrics you were listening to but I think this one hits the nail on the head. Alot of these teenaged girls believe it is "glamourous" for their guys to beat them. I seriously doubt you have kids but if you do, PLEASE check into their relationships because this is a crime that goes grossly unreported. And PLEASE, get a clue.

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ahahah:  1634 days ago

I really liked the video. But, Rachel does have a valid point and Cindy needs a clue (and a chill pill).

I did like that they showed how both parties can be responsible to some degree for the abuse. Megan's character kept going back and even participated in some of the violence, which brough more violence back on her. Rachel simply meant that there was opportunity to have the female character pull herself out of this cycle and move on - which she did not. So I see Rachel's point.

Great job by both of the actors and of course Eminem and Rhianna!

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Rebeca:  1634 days ago

love the video and love the song, u can hear the pain in both thier voices and its shown beautifuly in the video for once Magan Fox did an awesome job!!! this video clearly shows the reality of an existing abusive relationship, listen to the lyrics!! its not about ohh I left the abuse listen to what happend, its about what it's like to be in it as its happening, as we all know not everyone thats in this type of relationship gets out, my aunt has been with my uncle for 30 yrs and he beats the crap out of her on a daily basis she leave, she goes back....I totally get the message, its a twisted love/hate high that gets them both off, its not making abuse "cool" its showing what its really like, its giving us a look at what its like for them both...the regret, anger, hate, love, forgiveness etc... love love love it Eminem is so friken awesome!!

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