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Joey Lawrence's Hair is History -- WHOA!

Joey Lawrence has grown up in front of the cameras -- and his hair hasn't grown with him!

Joey's clean shaven head is making news again thanks to his appearance on "Regis & Kelly" today to promote his new show with Melissa Joan Hart, "Melissa & Joey" -- which premieres tonight on ABC Family.

From his years on "Gimme a Break" and "Blossom" to "American Dreams" and "Dancing with the Stars," check out how Joey went from Fabio to Mr. Clean.

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Dino :  1623 days ago

Don't know what happen to this guy... He was a hottie, he was always in the list of People beautiful man before but now those eyebrows and huge lips so fixed up plus that hairdo just look like weirdo.... He needs just to relax and a good makeover !

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