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TMZ Tour

Angelina Jolie's World Tour -- A Dress a Day!

Angelina Jolie's closet must have multiplied x10 since she started promoting "Salt" -- because it seems like she has a new premiere for the flick every day!

Today, Angie popped up in Germany for another photo-op (left) -- and added a touch of color into her expanding wardrobe by wearing a sexy deep green Elie Saab Pret-a-Porter cocktail dress.

From green and red to her signature black, check out all of Jolie's "Salt"-y looks!

Comments (5)

Marietta:  1558 days ago

You still cannot make a silk purse from a sows ear..

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Jacque:  1462 days ago

I wished I look just half as good as Angelina.

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adisa:  1425 days ago

she alway look good if you gett money you can look good

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gertby:  1394 days ago

She is stylish

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dwan:  1348 days ago

she looks great

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