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Hathaway Debuts Short, New 'Do

Anne Hathaway popped up in Paris today with a shockingly short bob -- but she didn't exactly pull an Emma Watson.

Hathaway's 'do is for a new movie she's shooting in the City of Lights called "One Day," -- and her rep tells Us Magazine that the hair on her head is just a wig.

But what if she really did give it the severe cut, think she could pull it off?

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Vicky:  1614 days ago

She did it to distract everyone from her nose job. Which will probably make this number 2. Just google older pictures of her. Much more bulbous and thick on the bridge. Then it got "refined". In this pic she finally has that cookie cutter plastic surgery nose. It's just like Whitney Port. When will people learn, a drastic new hair-do is always just a distraction from the latest procedure.

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ahahah:  1613 days ago

A "bob" is a short blunt, nearly all one layer cut. That's not a "bob". It's just an ugly short haircut.

(and she looks horrible in short hair)

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Vicky:  1613 days ago

Turns out it's a wig. I still stand by my statement that she had another nose job though lol

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Courtney:  1613 days ago

It's times like these that I wish I could pull things like this off. She seems to look great no matter what she does. Her hair cut this short would be no exception. I'm actually modeling my new haircut after the way hers was in The Devil Wears Prada after the makeover.

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yachiru:  1613 days ago

She doesn't look like pulling an Emma Watson. She looks more like Audrey Tautou when she had shorter hair--which is pretty btw. :)

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Matt:  1611 days ago

The back of a womans neck is HOT!!!

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ern:  1610 days ago

she looks normal, like your girl next '' next whore '' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah please some one response to this negatively even hathaway can response and i'll blow my top off jack asses ! anne is the epythamy of the word whore !

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SUSAN TANKERSLEY:  1604 days ago

YIKES!!!!!!!!! thank god hair grows back!!!!!

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Cathy:  1604 days ago


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Cherie:  1426 days ago

It looks terrible. Her neck is as wide as her pointy little face. A pale white 2x4 in blue dress. I don't even think she could pull this off naked...although, I know she will try. She looks as jacked up as her acting ability, which is equivalent to a porn star acting skills. As long as she keeps stripping down for the money...she'll keep getting the movies. I don't recommend the new short do' though. I would rather her face be covered up in the sex scenes.

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