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Staub Not Returning to "Housewives"

Teresa Guidice will be flipping tables in joy this morning -- because it's now confirmed Danielle Staub will not return to "Real Housewives of New Jersey" next season.

 This morning, senior VP of original programming at Bravo/reunion host Andy Cohen announced "The reunion was Danielle's last appearance on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. We thought the hugs were a great way to end two seasons of bitterness between the women."

Love her or hate her, there's no question Staub brought some excitement to the show, so the question is ...

Comments (6)

Frani:  1550 days ago

I will be happy to watch the show with out Danielle, I believe she is nuts and needs to get some help.

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MsShawn:  1548 days ago

I would watch NJ House wives with bells on knowing that I don't have to watch that nut job Danielle. It is a shame that her children has to be linked to her cause she is a danger to her self and the public. She's a bad actress trying to play the victim and I was tired of seeing it every week but, I loved the show so I tolerated it.

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rebecca drake:  1547 days ago

I don't know how she got on the show to begin with. She is not a housewife, she is an evil leech and must be removed from public view. Thank you for taking her off the show.

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Lavida:  1538 days ago

OMG yes to all above! She wont be missed!!!

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mike spencer:  1415 days ago

she's not a true housewive. {d.s.}

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jeanette:  1406 days ago

She has a Love, Hate relationship with herself, and a Narcissistic behavior. I feel for her kids.

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