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Pauly D Lets His Hair Down

Pauly D is in the next issue of GQ -- but his infamous blowout isn't!

The "Jersey Shore" boys got a sporty makeover for the October issue -- and were forced to ditch their Ed Hardy pants, jewelry and hair-gel for the shoot.

See more -- and get workout tips from from Pauly, the Situation, Ronnie and Vinny -- when the issue drops September 21.

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tamra:  1513 days ago

UR FUGLEY no matter what - ugly does not go away dude with your money go get a heidi montauk and maybe that will help NOT

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AlexLeigh:  1492 days ago

Dude you are so ugly ! All my friends think he is hot but I say NOT .

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angelina:  1481 days ago

ewww ur look fruity ewww gross ur 30 years old

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Cela:  1439 days ago

STOP HATING Pauly D is sexy !!!

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