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J.Lo: The "Idol" Judge Takes Her Seat

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have taken their seats behind the judges' table.

"American Idol" executive producer Nigel Lythgoe Tweeted the photo above from set, with the message "It's great to be back on American Idol. The judges were great."

Randy Jackson's in the shot as well -- and it looks like he's taken Simon Cowell's spot for the new season., which kicks off this January.

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dawn:  1541 days ago

I think that jennifer is a beautiful women and mother and wife, and a great actress. I can not fathom the reason for her to judge on american idol because she cannot sing, i've heard her without the special equipment that alters vocals and give the misconception that that person can sing, but in actuality she cannot sing. She is a great actress and dancer but other than that she should not be judging contestants for their singing abilities. That would be unjust and unfair.

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TAMMY GERNER:  1540 days ago


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Posh:  1531 days ago

I totally agree with Dawn.. I do not think Jennifer Lopez does not have singing ability.. Therefore have no right to judge the " AMERICAN IDOL".. it would be unjust for all truly talented american people.

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Mary:  1464 days ago

I don't think her ability to sing will determine if she can select the next American Idol. I think her struggles in show business define her. Jennifer’s determinations to jump over obstacles are what make her a great judge.
There is more to entertaining than a good voice, I think Randy and Steven can detect a good voice and Jennifer can detect a great entertainer. I love the fact that she is compassionate and willing to give driven people a chance. After the selection process we are the judges and I’m sure most of us can’t sing, but yet year after year we select the winners and they become huge successes.

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