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Rihanna Reunites with Drake

Rihanna and Drake -- who briefly dated -- reunited last night for an after-party for his NYC concert.

Following his concert at Radio City Music Hall, the exes met up at Greenhouse for Drake's event -- which doubled as a 26th birthday bash for former Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton.

Check out all the party pics!

Comments (5)

Quaneisha:  1536 days ago

A hot mess!!!!!!!!Drake can do betta rihanna just so not atrractive 2 me she needs to get a life

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ericia:  1531 days ago

i like rihanna but i cant see her being drakes type but maybe he can calm her hot ass down

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ashley068:  1516 days ago

SO......C-U-T-E both of my favrite artist....TOGETHER and people who say they don't think they should be together need to get a dang life of their own and mind their own beeswax

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Jasmine:  1499 days ago

Well I think they both deserve each other! Cause Drake is no prize his damn self he looks like Droopy the Dog..and Rihanna looks like an alien but hey beauty is in the eye of the beholder right!?

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Rockquasia:  1494 days ago

My babe drake to good for her; he should have stayed with Maliah

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