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Jennifer Lopez: Too Fab Time Warp

Years before Jennifer Lopez signed a $12 million deal to be "American Idol's" newest judge, she was just another Fly Girl trying to make a buck.

Check out how she's gone from Jenny from the Block to the fierce diva she is today!

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takeourcountryback:  1536 days ago

She is unrecognizable now. Just another "down to earth" girl who has decided being herself isn't good enough. Thanks for the lessons you are teaching the children.
You could have put a couple of deserving youth through college with what you paid for that new face.
PS: the old face was MUCH prettier

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JimmyMack:  1535 days ago

more money than brains.

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Loretta:  1534 days ago

Remember me? I'm just like you! From the block/bronx (except for my many plastic surgeries and furs). But 'I know where I came from'. My song says. I mean, I'm not saying you have to be from the hood and always from the hood. Just pick a story and stick with it!

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angela:  1533 days ago

i personally never paid that much attention to jen til she told me she was jenny from the block, and silly me i believed her, but since then i feel like i was just fooled by the clothes she bought or borrowed from the real poor people on the block. i wish she would havt come to mmy block, and help this sista out so i could get off the block!

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ella jay:  1533 days ago

i'm confused. those are a bunch of different angles, but it appears to me that she hasn't even had a nose job. when you take 15 photos of somebody from varying angles, with different shades of tan, hairdoes and lighting, of course it's gonna look weird.

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Jo:  1532 days ago

She's old enough to be my mother.

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Amanda:  1532 days ago

I dont look the same as I did 10 or 15 years ago either. I would hope she looked different. If she stayed wxactly the same then I would go with the plastic surgery comment. Also, if you made millions and your husband made millions wouldnt you have nice clothes and a nice car and a nice house? What's the big deal? Just because she makes millions doesnt mean she has to share it with everyone.

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Wanette:  1531 days ago

I don't know why people hate so much. If she did have plastic surgery on her face so what. I completely agree with the comment of putting youth through college with that kind of money. But she didn't do that and we shouldn't place judgment on her because of that. Money chances everyone, and that is a true statement. You all look at the bad but what about the good that she done with her money? Can you answer that or are you all to focused on the negative aspects?

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Sunny:  1530 days ago

She's hot. Then and now.

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Jade B:  1529 days ago

I don't really see a difference in her face over the years other than that she's old now. 40 something. Also Puerto Ricans=AfricanSpanish mix.

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Zipporah:  1529 days ago

Jen was pretty as a flygirl and she's a beautiful woman now. It's nobody's business if she gets a nip and tuck on her face and neck or not. If she looked like a wrinkled old hag, she wouldn't have gotten the American Idol gig. When you're that successful, people will talk whether you look good or bad. Some jealous hater will riff on you, whatever. She doesn't owe anybody anything. If you're from the block, go to school and study or learn to do something well. I'm sick of whiny losers.

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Alison:  1528 days ago

I bet I've had more work done than she has, and I don't look half as good as she does! I think it's time to schedule some more work, lipo is next!

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MsCommonSense:  1527 days ago

Never thought Jennifer Lopez was pretty until this recent surgery! She was just the girl next door....Now, she is as gorgeous as Beyonce!!As a mtter of fact, the last time I saw her perform on TV, I thought she was beyonce! I want the name of her surgeon......:)

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alumette:  1524 days ago

she had an attempt at making her nose less wide which partially succeeded but the tip is still bulbous; the upper lip is plumped and last of all, of course, she is full of Botox.

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cece:  1524 days ago

All you guys are haters and jealous of Jennifer. Who cares if she make alot of money. All these famous people work very hard at what they do, and if they get paid rediculously then be it. Take it from someone who has had plastic surgery, colors her hair, and uses different typse of makeup depending on her mood. She has not had surgery on her nose or anypart of her body. She works her butt off to try and stay in shape. She has always had full lips and with a little lip gloss a persons lips will look huge! Her nose is still the same with contouring you can make your nose look much different. And her hair and makeup gives a person a different look, depending what she going after. Get over yourselves and stop hating rich people. With that kind of Karma you ain't never gonna get anywhere!!

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