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Fergie Makes Josh "Feel Loved"

1005_duhamelFergie must be doing something right, because husband Josh Duhamel is seriously gushing over her in the new issue of Parade Magazine.

Of his Black Eyed Peas wife, Duhamel says "She does a lot of things that make me feel loved. She's an incredible girl. I don't really want to get into specifics, but Fergs is very present."

Josh says the couple, who were married in January 2009, has had to "work at it" to make the marriage last -- but boils it down to "just being sincere with the other person and not being selfish."

Duhamel adds, "It's just a matter of finding that person you want to be with."

Looks like he did.

Comments (6)

Wocka:  1518 days ago

Too bad, but this marriage won't last. He is a JERK. Confirmed after being thrown off the plane. Case closed.

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Froggyfred:  1517 days ago

He's a pompous a-hole and should have been thrown in jail a few days for being an Ass.

Sorry Fergie to bad you have been dragged down by this nerd.

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Danny:  1517 days ago

Of course he's a jerk, she knew that when she married him, and is attracted to that "bad boy" side...until he cheats on her and it gets splashed all over the media, then she's crying that "he's not the man I married" thing about celebrity marriages, they are mostly very predictable.

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krista:  1517 days ago

He already did cheat on her and it was splashed all over the media. It was with a blond stripper, she passed a lie detector test. But of course he denies it.

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JessicaX:  1516 days ago

Fergie is no winner herself, and I think she has pretty low self-esteem. She did meth.....that tells me all I need to know. Who would touch that crap? She kicked that, and picked a new type of crap. I think the two deserve each other.

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punkROCKIN hippie:  1242 days ago

I love how you all actually do even know these people and yet you believe the rumors and speculation. They are happy with their lives and OBVIOUSLY you losers are unhappy with your own so you choose to pick on others to bring them down and to attempt to make you feel relivent. I promise you Fergie Ferg and JD wont even care about what you wrote or who you even are. Who cares if he is a jerk and who cares if she was once upon a time a drug addict. They are good/charitable people now who do a lot of good for this world. That is FACT! Let it go people and learn something about respect!!! If you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all!!!

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