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Sandra Bullock Ready for Blast-Off?

1007_bullockSandra Bullock might become an astronaut -- at least for her next film role.

Though Natalie Portman was most recently in talks to star in the flick "Gravity," Bullock is now in negotiations instead -- and, if she takes the role, she'll play an astronaut stuck in space.

The movie was initially set up as a project for Angelina Jolie -- but, according to Variety, the studio wouldn't pay her $20 million fee.

If Sandra does star, it would be her first movie since splitting from husband Jesse James and winning the Oscar.

Comments (3)

David W. Sturgeon:  1561 days ago

I know Ms. Sandra A. Bullock will become one of are most loveable and beutiful and glamerours movie stars of our era. I wish Sandra all the power to her in her future challenges as a mother and a fantastic movie star. I love you Sandra! Good Luck! CHOW!

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Sheila:  1556 days ago

I have adored sandra since I first saw her in the movie speed. She is america's sweet heart in my book. I admire her for all she has gone through with that JERK Jessie.. she is too good for him anyway. Good luck Sandra in everything you do in your life.. You are a great mom!

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Alice & Paul Burg:  1555 days ago

Paul & I adore Sandra and we are happy to hear she is going to make a new movie. We have seen the proposal about 15 times. Her and Louis make a wonderful picture. Go Get them Sandra!!!!!!

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