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Miley's New Video -- Too Sexy for 17?

Miley Cyrus unleashed her latest music video today online for the song "Who Owns My Heart" -- but is it too racy for a 17-year-old to star in?

Miley Cyrus New Video
With little clothing and suggestive dance moves, Miley's under fire again for being "sexy" at a young age.

Check out the video, then let us know ...

Comments (48)

Alex:  1554 days ago

Well, she feels she has to go there, it doesn't matter what anyone thinks. She is going to do what she wants & no one can tell her different since if she really wanted to do ANYTHING on the internet all she'd have to do would be to just post it on the web herself. Do I agree with how racy it is, No. I just understand that all parents that have watched her grow up along with her kids can be upset about it, but there's nothing we can do about it except change the channel. Miley, what can I say. You're gonna do what you want & nothing anyone can say or tell you is going to make a difference in your ultimate decision in life no matter what that may be. Just be safe, don't hurt anybody else when you do whatever it is your going to do & hopefully you don't turn into one of these little trashy females. Good Luck

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Wryla:  1554 days ago

I didn't watch it because I don't need to after this mess. I can already see it is a problem and after hearing about it, I think its enough to convince me to not watch it UNTIL I'M DEAD!

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Ryan:  1554 days ago


Ummm...did you watch the video? She's already one of those "trashy little females..."

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tido:  1553 days ago

NO! not at all. One word..Shakira

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Robby:  1552 days ago

This video is nothing compared to what some female artists put out... and come on people... she isn't gonna stay a 14 year old girl singing Disney tunes her whole life. She needs to establish a career as an adult. and thats all she is doing.

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anna:  1551 days ago

To the person that said one word: Shakira. Are you kidding me? Shakira is 30 years old and Miley effing 17! I don't care if she looks racy or not.. what i think is that she should do all this sluty videos WHEN SHE TURNS 18. After that she can do whatever she wants... but until then.. have some RESPECT for those little girls who made you who you are now.

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julissa:  1551 days ago

well thats.... wow but still shes gonna change one way or another but shes just changing a little too fast wait wat am i saying shes getting really sexual its cause she wants to change from bieng a little girl to an adult already its how ppl are not just her.

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Caty Dobbins:  1551 days ago

Everyone should leave Miley Cyrus alone. With all of the negative attention its just going to make her act out more and keep this i dont give a **** attitude. I LOVE MILEY CYRUS And im freakin 18. People take a chill pill. If ya don't like it don't let your ****in kids watch her music videos.

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Barbara:  1550 days ago

Please Everyone grows up she is NOT Hanna anymore!

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Kara:  1550 days ago

Everyone needs to realize that Hanna Montana is not Miley Cyrus. One is a character and one is her own person who can make her own decisions. I'm 18 and yes I think maybe she shouldn't rush the whole growing up thing but it's just a music video. She's not in porn videos people!!! If parents don't agree with what Miley Cyrus is up to then stick to Disney's Hanna Montana and quit criticizing. Your little girls aren't going to stay little forever either. And "having respect for those little girls who made you who you are today" is BS! She worked to get where she is and little girls did not decide that for her, sorry.

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Gary HardIng:  1550 days ago

Hell, U People are just mad, cause some as it, & some Do not. U Go Girl

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marleny:  1549 days ago

miley, you, is a disgrace to the world, I thought that miley Simpact eras, naive, but now it's already to see that your mask has fallen, these really show that under the mask a witch ha terribly short evil.but good job for those of you congratulations

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Robin B:  1548 days ago

I think it's a shame that today's artists make all of their $ millions $ from snagging the attention of little girls then turn around and say they can't help that children are being influenced in a negative way once the artist does something inappropriate or risqué.
If an artist is making their living off of child-fans, then they have a responsibility to conduct themselves in a way as not to persuade those young minds toward the campaign that sex sells.
You can't push Disney one day and your half-naked body the next, shrugging it off with the argument that "everybody has to grow up sometime."
We all know that, but as long as Hannah Montana is out there influencing young girls, Miley should let the dust settle on that era, before striking a flaming match to the new grown-up era.
As a mother of 13 and 16 year old girls, it would make my job a lot easier if I didn't have to worry about what message this change sent.
Then again, I AM their mother, so the ultimate responsibility falls on my shoulders to make sure they are only influenced by what I deem appropriate and this wasn't it.

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Mom:  1548 days ago

Dear God! What were you thinking (all of you, including Miley, Tish and Billy Ray)? It's no wonder a divorce is pending--it's apparent that at least one of the adults in he house disagreed with the turn Miley's career is taking!

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Karen:  1548 days ago

I'm Disappointed with Miley and Her Parents(guess they're to busy splitting up) This Video goes way beyond that picture that grew so much fire awhile ago. I couldn't even watch all of it! I guess we better be careful what "Road" we lead our Tiny Little Girls down, this road (Miley) just took a dangerous Turn in the Road.
Reminds me we should warn our young Children that Stars first of all are looking out for themselves, not us (except to make them rich)!

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