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"Sister Wives" Sneak Peek: Wife #3 Gives Birth!

Kody Brown's family already has 12 children -- plus girlfriend Robyn's additional three -- but on next week's episode, they welcome #13!

In this sneak peek clip, Kody's third wife Christine is visited by the entire 20+ family after giving birth to her sixth child with Brown, daughter Truely.

The next episode airs Sunday on TLC.

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pam Bair:  1532 days ago

nice to have a big family, I think some of the wives should have second husbands for companions too! whats good for one is good for all

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Glenn:  1411 days ago

I think it is a good practice. There will be less fatherless families. The Brown's are a good example of a large moral family. I would take care of single family home with children, welfare mothers, and puts the responsibility on the family and not on the state. If it was not against the law I would take part.

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Lee Ann:  1359 days ago

I don't have a problem with it as long as all parties are consenting adults appropriate for age to the husband and that they support themselves and are not supported by the state except that it is illegal. But of course he is only legally married to the first one so the others maybe spiritual wives but not legal ones and if he was in the hospital only the first wife would be allowed to make decsions on his care. I don't see why there are any legal issues here since they are not really married according to the law.

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Brittney Lee:  1358 days ago

i used to live in lehi back when i was in grade school and jr. high, i never actually met the browns but i knew of them. i also had friends of other plig family's. watching them while i was growing up and playing in there houses i was always jelouse, they always have people to play with and a mother when they need one. there close and not in a sick way, in a way we all are close to our family's. they help eachother and look out for eachother. if i wasnt such a jealouse person id gladly share my man :) these people are amazing and strong and loving. who are we to say them all being together is wrong? are they hurting anyone else being together? no. are they telling yourr kids this way is the only way and your wrong? no. all they are doing is sharing the love and support in a way that a close big family should. they took a huge risk "comming out" so to speak, and it has cause them some great turmoil. and for what so others can know there not freaks, there not hurting anyone. there just a regular family enjoying life and eachother, caring for one another. i only wish i could be that close to my real sisters, having the relationship like the wives have together is something many woman only dream of. to have friends for life always there to help. i say good for them, way to go. it took alot but you still showed everyone that your not ashamed. im just sorry others are so pig headed they cant understand its not about "collecting wives" its about sharing the love and family..

on a side note lol i hade my baby girl in june and we even had the same dr.s :) truely is truely beautiful. :)

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gabby Long:  1344 days ago

Leave this family alone! No laws have been broken. Kody is married legally to meri. The other wives are spoiritual. Remember the separation of church and state. What defines a family legally? They are not asking for welfare or hand outs. He is not the "Jeff" guy in Texas who is having sex with 14 year olds.All those women are of age and consenting adults.Given that many groups in this country are called "families" it seems alittle hypocritical to not recognize another type of family. Morally, in the end, whatever type of family all will answer to God!

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