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Paris & Nicky Support Their Aunts

Tonight’s season premiere party for Bravo’s "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is going to be a family affair. Well, make that a Hilton family affair!

The latest offshoot of the "Housewives" franchise stars Paris Hilton’s aunts Kim Richards and Kyle Richards, and TooFab has learned that the Hiltons will be out in full-force to support their budding reality TV star family members: Paris, her sister Nicky, and their mom Kathy will head to the party tonight at West Hollywood’s Trousdale nightclub.
"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" premieres Oct. 14.

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Erin:  1458 days ago

Seems as though this family has their deamons as well. I thought it was funny how Kim relyed on her neice so much and the fact that she was a child star...who is she? She wasnt that popular. Other child stars of their age group were alot bigger and people in todays generation even know who they are. So Kim you are not that popular my friends

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Kim:  1454 days ago

how can you not know who Kim richards is? She was in so much as a kid and then she just disappreared in the early 80's. She was a Disney Kid.

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Jeanne:  1454 days ago

Kim was a child star, I remeber her well, not Kyle. My heart goes out to Kim, she seems sincere and at times lost. Taylor needs help, did anyone notice at the reunion she looked at Kyle for support when talking about Kim. Kyle needs to stop puttng her sister down and stopping talking to her friends about Kim. How many times at the reunion did Kim say I love my sister! Get over yourself Kyle. Adrienne is wonderful and Lisa supports Kyle, this too was demonstrated at the reunion. Lisa has a wonderful sense of humor!

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Geeg:  1453 days ago

The 80s??? That was like thirty years ago!!! Get over it. This is 2011. What are you doing today?

Sounds as though Kim has been boozing it up and Kyle is getting the blame for trying a little tough love. Whatever Kyle did or didn't say to the other cast members, everyone knows a lush when they see her. That's why that Taylor chick was rude to Kim from jump. She could have been equally rude to Kyle. She wasn't. Why? Think about it people!!!

Things happen for a reason.

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Crystal Pope:  1452 days ago

I think Kyle is a "Bitch" you are supposed to love your sibling unconditionally. I watched the show from beginning to end and allshe does is put Kim down. Every family has issues how you deal with them is what makes you great. Taylor has no personality. The best people on that show is Adrienne and Lisa. I truly feel for Kim all she wants is Kyle's love and approval.

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