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Kelsey Grammer's Ex: "Housewives" Helped Me Through "Difficult Time"

Camille Grammer didn't want to do "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" when Bravo first approached her -- but even though it will televise her divorce from ex-husband Kelsey Grammer, she's glad she did it.

"I didn't want to do it at all" Grammer (far left) told TooFab last night at the show's red carpet premiere, "[but] Kelsey thought it'd be really good. He was very supportive and encouraged me. I respect him, he's a very talented man and I thought he must be onto something I'm not getting."

Camille and Kelsey separated after she signed on, and though it was a rough patch for her, Camille says "I'm glad that I did it, these women have been wonderful, they've been very supportive through a very difficult time in my life. It's been a good diversion."

Camille says that her life brings plenty of drama to the show -- but by the end of it "you see a woman get empowered."

Check out more photos from the premiere -- including shots of Paris, Nicky and Kathy Hilton, plus cast members Kyle & Kim Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Taylor Armstrong and Adrienne Maloof-Nassif.

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" kicks off Thursday night.

Comments (44)

amanda:  1530 days ago

I can't get over how phony Camille is. I have been watching the show, and she is absolutely CRAZY! She is the worst person I have seen yet one this serious. Thank goodness Kelsey got away from her, she is a horrible human and the show just brought that evil women to light. She should be blaming no one but herself!

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Luella:  1530 days ago

Class is something you can't buy. Camille is an example of this. She isn't remotely pretty and those purchased-jugs are just as phony as she is. Not that I'm a Kelsey fan, but if that is what he had to live with, I don't blame him for wanting out. She actually drips with what she perceives as entitlement--she's actually a nothing that married into money.

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Mollie McMillian:  1530 days ago

Agree with the other commentors. As a recovering alcoholic, I sat in stunned silence as Camille stated she had kept Kelsey sober all this time. Sorry, Darlin...You're just not that powerful. Marrying Kelsey is this completely self idiots' ONLY claim to fame. She totally nauseates me. I hope they kick her off the show!

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jenna:  1529 days ago

camile is soooo ugly

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angela:  1529 days ago

I can't believe how disgusting everyone's comments are! All of you are so judgemental and obnoxious! Apparently Grammer didn't waste any time in New York having an affair and cheating on his wife; He should join the Tiger Woods Douchebag club! I think Camille is better off without him!

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Nicole:  1528 days ago

Or maybe he was tired of seeing his wife throwing herself on other men all the time and bragging about it when hes not around.

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HayLaura:  1528 days ago

I agree with Angela....
It saddens me to read so many mean and Nast comments....
I spent a few years acting in commercials and movies and
had a couple walk on parts on some tv shows and I find it sad
How judgmental people are about celebrities they don't even know.
First of all, Camille is not ugly..... If you want to see ugly go to your
mall or theme park.... It amazes me how many people leave there house dressed liked slobs.... I am not saying I am a fan if Camille's or Kelsey's but
Is it really necessary to come on the Internet and spew out
such hatred about people..... Why can't people learn to be kinder
to each other.... Being mean and nasty is not a good character
trait..... I'm just sayin'

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Judite:  1528 days ago

she is not ugly. She has a plastic personality, and she is no one without her husband as she keeps mentioning his name all the time.... it is actually sad to watch her.... but she does dress nice and she has the money to do it with. If she was not so superficial she would be more likable.

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taxiof2:  1528 days ago

I agree, I can't stand that phoney baloney! She is so gross. She thinks she is so beautiful but she is not. Her nasty personality makes me want to puke. She is so obviously jealous of Klye. Who wouldn't be - she is gorgeous, down to earth, hot husband, beautiful kids, etc. Camille is nothing!

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pam:  1528 days ago

The news of any couple breaking up is always sad to see or hear. I agree with everyone. Camille, scary indivdual...doesn't know if she is coming or going. Attacking Kyle was really wrong. When Kyle extended the olive branch, Camille accepted and then Wow, changed her mind and made everyone uncomfortable. Really Camille! When accepting an apology that means it's all over! Moving on... Kelsey Grammer, hummmm...yea, him leaving his family for a year. Come on folks, that right there was total RED FLAG. I beleive,,,they did each other a service by divorcing.
Camille's actions while her husband was away working and Mr. Grammer having an affair. Wish them both happiness and those babies....I hope they BOTH realize how special those kids are! I get the divorce support and child support but, people...time to pay the piper and move on.
Camille, really needs to stop bringing drama everywhere she goes. Pa-lease!

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Sherry:  1528 days ago

This woman is so self absorbed!!! 4 nannies, 17 houses and jealous of the attention her ex shows the children. He probably stayed with her for the kids. She is disgusting. Maybe one day she will know what it is like to be a broke single mother instead of having everything given to her, Go Kelsey! you can now have a real life with a real woman. Camille needs to go away.

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Michael Marks:  1527 days ago

Let's talk facts and not looks. On the episode on the 18th Camille made it clear that after talking to Kelsey that they won't be using Kyle's husbands for anymore real estate dealings thanks to her influence with her famous husband. The question now is who will she use now that she doesn't have a famous husband.
Also on the same episode she said she didn't care if she ever saw any of the girls again in her life. She basiclly was done wih all of them, and didn,t need them. She felt they were all jealous of her. Now as we will all find out as time goes on who needs who. I just feel Camille is I person, and now will have to deal with the struggles of doing things she hasn't had to do before. I do wish her the best.

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Diana:  1527 days ago

Camille is nothing without Kelsey.....

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Pam:  1527 days ago

Camille along with the rest of the BH Housewives needs to get back to reality. How dare she complain about not having enough time for "her" while she jet sets around the country and has 4 nannies to help with her two kids. Honestly, maybe she needs to swap places with a military housewife with no help with the kids, no cook, no housekeeper, no driver, and no money for clothes & botox let alone liposuction and boob jobs; all along when her husband is deployed in a hostile situation.(NOT Broadway!) The phoney baloney has really hit an all time low in my book. Very sad.......They deserve each other.

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Kitty:  1527 days ago

Why would Kyle be jealous of Camille. Kyle is so beautiful and has a wonderful family. Camille is so fake and has nothing going for her.

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