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'Matchmaker' Star Bolts From Patti!

1014_matchmaker-EX-post2Chelsea Autumn, co-star of Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker, is bolting from the show and Patti Stanger, after eight years, to launch her own competing matchmaking company "Queen of Hearts," TooFab has learned.

According to Autumn's rep, she endured "constant abuse, hard work with little credit and enough crazy crazy Stanger stories to fill a phone book," adding that she was was ready to leave the "claws of Stanger."

The rep, who hinted that Autumn may do her own show, says Autumn is unabashed about taking on Stanger. "Chelsea is planning on competing head to head [with Stanger] and the result should be nothing less than exciting."

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Michele Pellegrino:  1561 days ago

Unfortunately, Chelsea is no Patti Stanger. She's nice enough, but MANY times, I thought she "wasn't" up to the job. Patti is outrageous and abusive FOR SURE and I can understand getting sick of that treatment, but that does not mean Chelsea can go head-to-head with Patti. I don't dislike Chelsea but from a business perspective, and the business is "entertainment" folks, she is not bankable. I just don't believe she has what it takes to matchmake OR entertain at the level that Patti does.

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Chelsea Fan:  1559 days ago

I always loved Chelsea. Good luck Chelsea. From a huge fan.

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Leslie:  1530 days ago

I would definitely watch Chelsea's show ... Patti is funny and terrific as an entertainer but let's give Chelsea a chance ... I hope she does have a show. Patti needs some competition. I don't appreciate Patti's foul mouth at all. If that's entertainment, we have lost our values completely.

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Deb V in WI:  1526 days ago

I would watch her show. Everyone deserves a chance and I agree with the comment about Patti's language. But the entertainment value of Patti Stanger is through the roof. She is funny and in your face even if it is in an obnoxious sort of way.

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maureen moody:  1522 days ago

patti is trying to be a female howard stern with her insults to people..the thing is she cant give advice on match making when she cant even match up herself...

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Gina :  1503 days ago

Patty is BAT **** CRAZY and not in a good way. She pimps out the dates and sells her soul to the "millionaire". She has no clue who she is setting up, either the so called millionaire or the prostitute that she brings in.

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