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Willow Smith's Music Video Debut!

Will Smith's daughter is seriously working it out in her debut music video for the song "Whip My Hair" -- and she's only 9-years-old!

The video, which popped up on YouTube before its TV premiere on BET tonight, is a fun, funky and age-appropriate -- and has us seeing shades of a Rihanna-in-training in Will's little girl.

The video was directed by Ray Kay, who also did Adam Lambert's "For Your Entertainment," Justin Bieber & Sean Kingston's "Eenie Meenie" and Lady Gaga's "Poker Face."

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Andrea:  1277 days ago

Cool song and video, love the name Willow too!!!
Girls got talent!!

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MzzPinky:  1277 days ago

i think she should be whippin crayons and not her hair

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Ruth Watts:  1277 days ago

Ithink Willow is a beautiful child with beautiful parents. You go baby.

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lisa lee:  1276 days ago

I think Willows graet and will make it to the top and wen she gets hopefully shell stay... But her song is great I cat wait for the albam to com...

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verdale:  1276 days ago

omg this lil girl has changed my life to think she might do better than the counter part she has been compared to...rihanna of course she give me a lil gaga too i love her style and that lil girl can sang i thought i was listening to a teen...willow you got this in the bag SHE'S ONLY NINE!!!!!!!

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Pamela:  1276 days ago

Willow is just beautiful she has her daddy's looks but she has BOTH mommy AND daddy's personality which just bubbles forth...Will did say "when dancing,(even if you dont know how) ALWAYS LOOK like you know what you're doing!" But Lil Miss Willow you KNOW what you're doing baby keep it up! I know you're parents are incredibly proud of you as well as you're siblings....Keep up the spectacular work, keep entertaining young lady!!!

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Brady:  1276 days ago

Can you say Rihanna want to be. I heard the song and it's a mix of Lady Gaga and Rihanna. And please, tone the hair down. She is just a little to freaky to me. Something out of a cartoon. Go back to the closet and come out normal would ya.

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me:  1276 days ago

why hate? if she has talent,she has talent.

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somara:  1276 days ago

omg! she's just a kid having fun. that is awesome. i'd rather see this than a pagent. innocent song and innocent video. like the paint thing going on. she puts a lot of those grown women to shame. you got talent baby girl. just stay a kid :)

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Sheremethius:  1275 days ago

I couldn't wait to see the video because the song is fun and catchy and when I saw the video I watch it over and over because it was fun and bright and different and that is what we need something different and age appropriate .TIred of these kids sending out the wrong messages to children at a early age about sex .Your song is about hair and about being different and creative.That's my two cents all the way from the Bahamas.

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michelle:  1275 days ago

too young! need to keep it real and more feminine

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michelle:  1274 days ago

whip crayons and books willow...try sing later

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Nancy:  1274 days ago

OMG, what are her parents thinking??? this is typical American attitude to bringing kids up!!, give them what they want and hopefully they will be happy!!!, the skys the limit if you are rich, eh? she should be at school and thinking about SCHOOL not music!!! it's changed my opinion on Will Smith and his Wife allowing this!!, talk about wanting to be in the media, she's only 9 years old, what will she be doing at 19?

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tb:  1274 days ago

Wow i love this song i just want to say she is awesome, but acts to grown for her age.But keep up the good work willow! ;p

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nyajha:  1273 days ago

hey how are you doing do you go to school plublic

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