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Report: Beyonce Is Pregnant

1020_beyonceBeyonce & Jay-Z are having a baby -- at least according to one media report.

The couple is expecting their first child, according to Us Magazine, and Knowles is currently in her first trimester.

Citing a source, the magazine says Beyonce "wasn't ready to be a mother just yet" but realizes "this is a gift from God and she's so happy."

So far, no confirmation from B's camp.

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patatas kamatis:  1564 days ago

who cares !!

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SOph:  1564 days ago

That's wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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diane:  1564 days ago


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Steve McGarrett:  1564 days ago

I care and you should to because Stone Cold said so. BabyBeyonce is coming and there's not a fkn thing anyone can do about it.

All hail our little princess or prince and may God take care of our Queen, Beyonce!

Beer is good ...

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Jonathan:  1564 days ago

Who gives a ****?

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cindy:  1564 days ago

for you not to care you sure came to this site to read about it......congrats if ture

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jasmine jones:  1564 days ago

bout damn time i was waiting for another celebrity to get prego n im happy its MRS.B we need another generation of good talent

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Ray:  1563 days ago

how can u sell ur soul to satan and want a gift from God.. puhleaseee.. pfff *rolling eyeballs*

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Tricia:  1563 days ago

MMM! I'd been wondering when that figure was going to start taking some shape. B, you will look good preggy so good a thing you'd not left it 2 long, because i know quite a few who now have regrets for not taking the opportunity to drop little tiny feets.
Well done J and B.

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Monica Perry:  1563 days ago

Best wishes to you two hope everything goes well. Monica is a great name for a baby girl!!!

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coco:  1563 days ago

this is a scary thing jay z is a devil worshipper and now his has birth a devil child what the hell

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farlonne :  1563 days ago

congratulations!!!MRS.B but remember when that baby is out please make some more good songz so proud of you

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Siu :  1563 days ago

she's cool

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April:  1562 days ago

Well weither if its true or not then we see in the future it's really God's work and if u are it's ur busy not any one else's so these people speaking on rumors need too grow up seriously......

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Oskido:  1562 days ago

my gf is also pregnant who care because i dont

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