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Paris & Nicky Help the Homeless

Paris Hilton has become a regular at the Union Rescue Mission shelter.

Hilton, who visited the shelter earlier this month with boyfriend Cy Waits to drop off pumpkins and toys, was back yesterday -- where she and sister Nicky served out Shepard's Pie that they cooked themselves.

After the visit, Paris tweeted "Spent all day with the kids downtown at The Rescue Mission Shelter. We cooked food for them and brought them tons of candy.. We carved pumpkins and made fun art projects. All the kids had such a great time. It made me so happy to see them so happy! Love them. :)"

Looks like she'll be back again soon -- tweeting "See you next week" to the shelter's Manager of Volunteers.

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timid:  1558 days ago

It will take at least a 5 year cycle to repair PH's image. Her best bet is to retire from public life. Be a quiet socialite and hopefully someone will marry her.

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