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Jared Leto Flaunts Buff Bod!

Jared Leto is 38 years old ... and he's never looked better!

The former "My So Called Life" star turned 30 Seconds to Mars frontman showed off his ripped physique on his blog yesterday, posting the above pic with the message "Real Men Wear Skirts."

And, apparently, they don't wear shirts.

Comments (9)

KC:  1561 days ago

That's gross!!!!

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jose:  1561 days ago

Way too skinny!!!!

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Christy:  1475 days ago

I have to agree..that is gross. Sorry, he didn't bring the sexy back.

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Ella:  1454 days ago

Excuse me but it is not gross. i think hes hot! lol i love him!

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Echelon14:  1412 days ago

How is this gross??!! are you people retarted or something??!! HE IS HOTT!!

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adriana:  1395 days ago

Jared is so sexy man :-)

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Kiki:  1327 days ago

Hi no one is retardet. Jared is hot yes he is! It seams he don´t age...But I´m sorry he is too skinny!!! I love him but he is not like he wos before! Sorry!

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amanda:  1295 days ago

Jared Leto is the sexiest man on earth and mars hehe, if you saw that body in person you wouldnt think it was gross! Seen 30stm in concert and that body makes you want to run your tongue down that washboard of his...just sayin

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