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Jessica & Nick Have Dinner Run-In!

Things may have been a little awkward at Red O in L.A. last night -- when Jessica Simpson and ex-husband Nick Lachey had dinner dates there at the same time!

TooFab spotted Jessica and boyfriend Eric Johnson arriving at the restaurant at around 8pm last night -- only to have Lachey show up 40 minutes later. Nick was with GF Vanessa Minnillo.

Both couples appeared to be in good spirits when they left, separately, but no word on how things went inside the restaurant.

Nick and Jessica were married in 2002 but separated only 3 years later. The divorce was finalized in 2006.

Comments (3)

Monica:  1558 days ago

It's Hollywood!
And it was a mutual thing.
They would have taked their picture anyways.
15 minutes over yet??????????

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nt:  1558 days ago

I bet Jessica is still regretting ever leaving Nick for her 'career'. The girl hasn't had a decent man since and this one appears to be just as bad as her --clingy and needy. Oh well, it's hollywood.

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DIANE CURRY:  1493 days ago

It is time for Miss Simpson to accept that she does not need to pretend to be dumb anymore. This woman has built a $500 million dollar fashion empire by figuring out that she loves to shop and appreciates luxury. She needs to realize that maybe she can take a "real" relationship break for awhile and figure out what we all already know: GET YOUR FATHER OUT OF YOUR RELATIONSHIPS. You are not a little girl anymore..your father needs to stop using your relationships to keep you in the headlines..get him out of your personal life and maybe you will be able to hold on to a man who cares about YOU and not what you can "do" for him. And maybe your father can be your Father instead of your controller..jus' saying.

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