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Taylor & Jake Hang in NYC

Taylor Swift may have a new man ... Jake Gyllenhaal!

The 20-year-old singer, whose new album drops today, was spotted with the 29-year-old "Prince of Persia" star all over New York City last weekend.

Jake was reportedly part of Taylor's entourage for the SNL afterparty on Saturday -- and the two were photographed in Brooklyn together after brunch on Sunday.

We'll be going live with Taylor on TooFab at 4pm PT today for a mini-concert and Q&A at the United Nations in NYC ... maybe someone will ask her about Jake then!

Check out the livestream here!

Comments (12)

Lola:  1560 days ago

Jake is cute but looks around 40 not 29..

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me:  1560 days ago

Oh, They make a handsome couple. Very well balanced out. With both of them smiling they look great together.

Good Luck Nice comb.

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BoJackson:  1560 days ago

Random Couple! What do you think of this new couple?

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lynne:  1559 days ago

It's nobody's business but their own !

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marie :  1559 days ago

heyy are you and jack finally going out !!!1

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Gene:  1559 days ago

I would rather see her date a guy in his early 20's not late 20's.

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morgan4luv:  1559 days ago

He is way to old 4 her!!!! Get a new guy Taylor!Seriously!!!WAY 2 OLD!!!!!!!!!

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callamander:  1556 days ago

Get ready Jake, you will be in the next song...

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jim/dee:  1523 days ago

Laughable PR job!!! She is just a child that never grew up, she thinks she can sing cause her mama told her she could, just like the parents on American Idol tell their kids that they can sing. I will be glad when her few minutes of fame are over. She can't carry a tune or sing on key with out boo-coo electronic help. She should wake up and go ahead and write the song about Jake dumping her, we all know it's comming. Jake must really need the publicity to tie himself up with being seen with this child.
Just saying.....

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Thomas:  1522 days ago

I do not approve of this relationship!!

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Melanie:  1517 days ago

Jake is mine bitch!

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philip:  1511 days ago

well who she dates is her business, i personally wish it was me with her, as far as age who cares how old a person is, love is love, deal with it, Taylor can have any man she wants, she's only 21, she has many r3elationships to go through yet, so u go girl.

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