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Charlie Sheen Heading Home To L.A.

26_charlie_singleCharlie Sheen is leaving New York, and heading back to Los Angeles via a private jet, following a very eventful evening: Police arrived at the actor's hotel room around 2 a.m. after receiving a 911 call for possible intoxication. In addition, there were reports that the "Two And A Half Men" actor trashed the room.

But amidst even more salacious reports, his rep is saying the whole incident stems from a bad reaction to medication, and TMZ has learned that there were no drugs in the hotel room.

And another nod that the whole incident may be overblown, is that Sheen will be in his own bed tonight (not rehab), will shoot a movie on Friday, and head back to the set of "Two And A Half Men" next Tuesday. So, normalcy--sorta!--has resumed.


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thelma:  1557 days ago

Leave this man alone, if he isnt bothering you, why bother him? And no reason to bad mouth him, if you don't like him then don't worry about it, get on with what you do like

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Tony:  1557 days ago

I feel bad for the guy. He has so much money he is just a spoiled grown up.
I do empathize with him. He's just a poor sucker who has a lot of money....

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jackie:  1556 days ago

I don't agree with either of the previous posters.....I know I shouldn't but I can't help but smile when I read this story. I don't think the gossip and "entertainment" websites should leave him alone because I don't think that's what HE wants anyway. I don't think he's bothered by all the bad...if it IS and I don't think it's sad either. he's a grown man, makes his own money, supports his children, isn't cheating on a wife, he seems to be enjoying himself.

keep writing the stories and, charlie, please keep enjoying your life. whether people want to admit it or not, your "take no prisoners" style is amusing and interesting to a lot of us.

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sheri paul:  1556 days ago

As a parent I can't help feeling for Martin Sheen, Charlie's father who not only is a wonderful actor, but apparently a good parent. How devastating for him to read all of the garbage that spills forth whenever Charlie has a meltdown. He is obviously a very sick soul and needs a great deal of professional help to rid him of whatever is setting him off. A chemical inbalance could be to blame for Charlie's behavior, but who knows. I wish those close to him would intervene so he can get rid of whatever it is that motivates him to these outbursts. He needs help and I can't see that he is getting any. I love the show for what it is and think that others in the cast make a very important contribution to its success.

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john horst:  1556 days ago

Like Q107s The Champ "HE LOSES IT"" it can happen to anyone . Dont worry champ you can buy 10 more watches cause your show is still going through the roof its the best show on tv

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Dawn:  1556 days ago

Per Jackie:

I do love Charlie and his show, couldn't care less what he does in his private life, but as for not cheating on his wife, Charlie, my dear, does have a wife, Brooke Mueller...what do you think all this fuss is about-- violating his parole is Aspen...have you forgotten!!

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Joe:  1556 days ago

i dont know why everyone slates charlie he is a exallent actor and a decent person, sure he may have his problems but so does everyone and big wow he is loaded i wish i was loaded so why you all hate him i will never no. he trashed a hotel room so what he has agreed to pay to fix the hotel room and thats it some people idolise him and i am one of them Charlie is brill

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Tony Baloney:  1556 days ago

Rock on Chucky!!!

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ryan:  1555 days ago

worry about yourself and stop watching you got me watching it. damn a photographer, and i would never photo him

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Nick Cere:  1555 days ago

Autumn in New York...This guy's got the world on a string, but the string seems to be wrapped around his brain, interrupting the blood flow!

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