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Audrina Gets New Reality Show at VH1

Audrina PatridgeShe may be off of "Dancing with the Stars," but Audrina Patridge isn't leaving TV altogether anytime soon.

The former "Hills" star tells PEOPLE that her "new show with [realty TV producer] Mark Burnett just got picked up. It's going to be on VH1 and we're going to start filming soon."

She adds that her dance partner Tony Dovolani will also probably appear on the show, as she'll be invited to a new studio Tony and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are planning to open soon.

Filming will begin early next year.

Comments (7)

PAL345:  1553 days ago

Who cares!!!!

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Pixel:  1553 days ago

YAWN. You really have to be a slug with no life to sit around and watch

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Kat:  1553 days ago

HAHA- I find it funny when people call others "slugs" for watching reality TV yet they are on gossip sites reading about reality stars AND posting comments about them!! Do they really think they are more active/productive because they are online wasting time instead of watching TV to waste it??? What a joke!!

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Kristin:  1551 days ago

haha Excellent point Kat =)

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Steph:  1551 days ago

i love her!!

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iLyN:  1551 days ago

@ KAT...thats a good point that u make!!!..u ppl on here hating on Audrina must have the borring life if ya talking bout her...

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jimmy:  1544 days ago

Audrina"s new show is so exciting you have not seen.....anything/ nothing yet... I love it, shes gonna piss off so many xxxxxxxxxxxxx who are dumb / dirty, little liars anyways... Go Audrina.

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