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Zolciak’s Mom: She’s Not Pregnant!

1027_zolciak_EXC"The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s" Kim Zolciak -- whose love life took a same-sex twist earlier this year -- is now facing a tabloid report that she’s expecting a child with her Atlanta Falcons football player beau Kroy Biermann.

Star magazine published an interview with Zolciak’s former “secret girlfriend” Tracy Young today, in which she claimed Zolciak told her she’s pregnant, and is expecting a boy.

Although Young sounds pretty convincing, including details about a supposed gender test Zolciak took, and recounting alleged discussions between the two about a pregnancy, Zolciak’s mother Karen maintains the story is false.

She tells TooFab in an exclusive statement, “My daughter is not pregnant. It’s heartbreaking that people would make up lies like this. Kroy and Kim are very much happy, and in love.”

And when asked by TooFab to confirm the accuracy of her mother's comment, a rep for Zolciak at the pr firm EMC|BOWERY told TooFab Wednesday afternoon, her quote is indeed accurate. Well, time will tell!

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Alex:  1556 days ago

"Supposed" gender test? Uh, um, Dave...the lead photo for that article is Kim posing for the camera and HOLDING her "supposed" gender test.
Just sayin.'

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Abe:  1556 days ago

she's isn't too old anyway? Come on. She was tardy for the party because she is O-L-D.

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LM:  1555 days ago

Wow... she's only 32... not that old.

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donna:  1554 days ago

I would not put anything past with football player....equals money coming in...for someone who always bragging about not working out...she needs to start...cause she has put on weight...when she did her act at the WHITE PARTY...her legs were just shaking with quit bragging about not working out cause you need to.....

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Lyris:  1551 days ago

There is no way that Kim is 32! She should be proud of her age. By claiming to be age "32" it makes her look super old!! I don't know anyone in their 30's who look like Kim.

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