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The TooFab Q&A: Lacey Schwimmer

We got another The TooFab Q&A for you today -- and this time we're going one-on-one with "Dancing with the Stars" professional Lacey Schwimmer.

In a candid conversation with TooFab's Brian Particelli, Lacey talked about Audrina Patridge's shocking elimination, spilled a Kyle Massey secret and revealed possible plans to go TPing on Halloween!

On her chances of winning with partner Kyle Massey ...
"You never have any idea with this show. Obviously, we 'd love to be at the end, but at the same time we're happy we've made it this far!"

On Audrina's elimination ...
"She's so lovable and so sweet and was doing amazing on the show. I was definitely shocked to see her go. At this point in the game though, we're shocked no matter what. We're like a family, we never want to see anybody go. She'll be really missed."

On why Bristol Palin's lasted so long, despite low scores ...
"She's more of the underdog and she knows she's the underdog. She's working her butt off, she's sweet and such a great girl, she's having a blast."

On dancing with Kyle ...
"He's like a little brother. He's super fun at all of our rehearsals. And I totally understand how my mom felt raising me and my brother."

On what we haven't seen on the show ...
"Kyle has a basketball he named Jacko Wilson. It can't leave his sight during rehearsals. He'll go talk to it for 5 minutes. We play basketball, kickball with Jacko. It's really fun."

On their toughest competition ...
"At this point, it's hard to say. We're all really consistent at this point, but there are ones that will definitely make it to the finale, like Jennifer [Grey]."

On coming back next season ...
"I don't know. I would love to if they asked me. It's such a great gig, but you never know where a few months takes you."

On what's next ...
"I have a bunch of little projects, including a dancewear/costume line, a bunch of musical projects and acting projects."

Her Halloween plans ...
"Probably nothing. Halloween lies on a Sunday, so Monday we're live. I'll probably be sitting around my house watching scary movies with my boyfriend sadly. Maybe we'll dress up and go scare people. Or toilet papering. I love toilet papering. It's such a favorite pastime of mine!"

To her fans ...
"Thank you for everyone who's keeping up the show, we hope we're keeping things interesting!"

Lacey also wants all her fans to check out her new song with Cash Cash called "Red Cup" -- which you can download in iTunes or by clicking here!

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Lois:  1537 days ago

I wasen't sorry to see Brandy go, she was too moody and too intense, plus I really didn't like the paso ? dance they did last night. I am really hoping that either Kyle or Bristol win, it would be nice to have someone who hasen't had a lot of dance experience finally win. Bristol and Kyle have really come a long way, they deserve the trophy. I like Jennifer and she is by far the better dancer, but let's face it, she has a lot of dancing experience.

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