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The Goonies -- 25 Years Later!

"The Goonies" celebrated its 25th anniversary last night in Burbank -- where the cast of the beloved kid's flick gathered for a mini-reunion!

Chunk, Mouth, Data, Rosalita and the Fratelli Brothers were all on hand for the event ... and, wow, have they changed over the years!

Check out how they've grown, plus shots of the rest of the cast as they've been seen out in public in the last few months.

The 25th Anniversary Edition of "The Goonies" comes out on Blu-ray next week.

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annie2:  1552 days ago

I think it's very cool that Robert Davi and Joe Pantoliano showed up. They are very big in their own right and could have been the type to skip out on something like's nice they came to honor one of the roles that put them on the map. Too bad Sean Astin couldn't have done the same. Short of him being on location somewhere I am rather disappointed in him. Kind of like how Emilio Estevez can't be bothered to come to "Breakfast Club" reunions and that function that honored John Hughes...

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Joel cruz:  1552 days ago

Ruth Ruth baby Ruth.....I love that movie,it ll never get old...

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Tanya Arellano:  1506 days ago

Man I've been a fan since day one of the move I'm 34 and I still love watching the move. As kids my sister,brother,friends and me we thought we were the goonies and each one of us played someone in the movie. Funny I'm a girl but being chubby they made me chunck but it's ok chunk is one of the Funnyest ones.

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Patti:  1505 days ago

Husb & I are 52 yrs old. Own DVD of Goonies; yet watch it every time it comes on a TV channel that we get.

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Randi Reid:  1500 days ago


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Jeff071977:  1485 days ago

My big brother & myself & my best friends used to watch this constantly. It's timeless...... No pay da man!!! Lolz

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Panther6170:  1484 days ago

**** U U FAT PRICK !!!!!!!!

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MoeJo369:  1464 days ago

I am 50 and I also watch Goonies every time it is on TV. Love it. It's just a wonderful heartfelt, feel good with a little suspense and humor movie. It's got it all. Thank you GOONIES. One of the Best all time Family Movies.

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shannon:  1463 days ago


Mouth is HOT! junk food did the body good.

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Candy:  1457 days ago

Its nice to see both of them celebreting

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lorchid:  1457 days ago

Chuck! I knew you was cutied when u was aboy, but look at u now! Why not try for the next Batman? You would be a winner.

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janet blair:  1444 days ago

My grandson and I loved this movie. Great children movie

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Natas_tmc:  1432 days ago

Goonie goo-goo!!

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Corky:  1432 days ago

I shared this movie with my niece and now I have introduced it to her daughters. we watch it all the time.Chunk you are now a Hunk !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :=)

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kim:  1430 days ago's not mouth.....and lorchid's not Chuck.....It's chunk!!!!! Truffle Shuffle rocks!!!!!

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